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Eng Translation SGGS Darpan by Prof Sahib Singh

Maan Yog Guru Roop sadh Sangant !


'Daas' feels that the translated text of Gurbani Pads appearing in this article can be refined in thematic expression to convey the true spirit of Gurbani that has been lost in translation. This will help us to comprehend the "Satgur"(TRUE IDEA).The need to preserve the thematic authenticity of our Gurus' words, in translation,is imperative in today's context where it must be shared with the new English speaking generation that is living in materialistic surfeit, alienated from "SATGUR".

This Nanak Ghar ka Gola yearns for help with links/references to the English Translation of Prof. Sahib Singh's 'SGGS Darpan'.

Pending avilability of such translation, 'Daas' plans doing a translation in parts & seeks contibution from all Sikhs.Looking forward to your response please.

WJKK WJK Fateh ! .

User: Mutia 8:06 pm 29 Sep 05