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Happy New Year!

WJKK WJKF Hari Singh Ji,

Wish you all the best for the coming new year, and an even more fruitful year for SikhiWiki! --Navroop Singh 08:13, 2 January 2006 (Central Standard Time) --Amita Singh 03 Jan 06

New Mutia-3

Maan Yog Hari Singh ji,

WaKhaFa !

I do not know good english & want to learn by writing on SikhiWiki. Amita Singh ji motivated me to become your student on SikhiWiki. I am sure Guru will be with us and we will do good Service to Panth.

I am a fan of Gurmat & would like to propogate it to all.

Look forward to your Guidance for whatever work I may contribute


Vishawjit Singh Delhi 12 jan 06

January Template

WJKKWJFK Hari Singh ji,

I put a template together for the month of January - Template:JanuaryCalendar2006 - any ideas on how to get this onto the front page under the 'January Section' ? Hopwfully this way we can update the rest of the year with gurpurbs etc

WJKF --Navroop Singh 04:08, 13 January 2006 (Central Standard Time)


WJKKWJKF Hari Singh ji,

With regards to Ragmala I think the official stance is that the Ragamala should be included in the SGGS but that it is up to the discretion of the Gurdwara whether or not it should be read at the end of an Akhand Paath (?) I will need to check this...

WJKF --Navroop Singh 07:42, 18 January 2006 (Central Standard Time)

Gurdwara Locator

sir, WaKhaFa !

  • 1. Hearty thanks for publishing the up date.
  • 2. Does the idea of 'we all users meeting on one map & knowing each other better' (may not work out straight away, however I plan plan to keep a tag )' make any sense & is worth to hold on to, or other better things can be thought instead. Your views will for sure help Mutia.

WaKhaFa ! More next.

Mutia23 Jan 06

Sir, WaKhaFa !

  • 1. Technology etc not withstanding, Mutia could gether his bearing.I landed on map as a Gurdwara Ha Ha!. I am happy, that is the best place Mutia would have found 'Dwara of Guru'. Kind courtsy Google nay! Lord TRUTH.
  • 2. SikhiWiki had been kind to me by retaining me still in. Will Google be that bearing. I must keep saying my prayers.
  • 3. I am sure Jhonny ji should be able to unite all of us as Users & not Gurdwaras.

WaKhaFa ! User:Mutia23 Jan 06

Sir, WaKhaFa ! Hearty Thanks for your visit closer (Hamandir Sahib).UK is far far away. .....Ab Dilli Door Nahin Hai.

WaKhaFa !User:Mutia25 Jan 06


  • 1. Sir,WaKhaFa ! Some trouble maker seems to have dumped unwanted chain of links in the begining of Sikh article. Calls for immediate reponse from Sys Managers.Mutia05 feb 06


  • 4. Having seen a new guest, first thing that flashed me was a 'thought of posting a welcome letter' .S/he (she or he) for sure needs a better welcome from SikhiWiki Sys Managers.
  • 3. High time that they are taught a lesson legally. I am sure cyber laws elsewhere beyond India won't be that accommodating.
  • 4. I could have simply deleted the links but feel apprehended that inadvertently I may be helping hir (him or her) out or messing up the the SikhiWiki IT sys, I know nothing about. Viruses are another set of trouble. Mutia 15 Feb 06

New to SikhiWiki

guru fateh

Bhai Hari singh ji

  • 1. First of all I feel sorry for delay and very late responding.Every man in the world is have some virtues and lots of vices but with the help of Guru we can change ourselves.I am 22yr old boy and i am from Punjab .In sikhism every one have their veiws so i want to know what is gurmat and what our guru say to us. what is nam simran is Nam simran is essential activity.I think u r aware of gurbaksh singh kalaafgana what u think he has wrriten according to gurmat . why in our sikhism have many organistions. please respond me and give me ideas how to be put step forward in sikhism.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki Fateh


  • 2. Sir, WaKhaFa!.... looks like it is from User:Mutia-3. He lives close to me, as on now I am out of communication with him. He is off to Punjab. His father is a very mature man employed in Gurdwara Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt Dispensary dedicated to the cause of GurSeva. Mutia-3 knows good Punjabi & is keen on honing his skills in English. I encouraged him to write on SikhiWiki. If the above text is from him, I appreciate his first initiative & spirit whole heatedly.
  • 3. He is falling back within a few days. I shall keep SikhiWiki Updated with regard to Mutias' contributions. WaKhaFa User:Mutia 14 Feb. 06
  • 4. PS:Mutia-2 seems to be too busy. Hope he also shows up. For this I own part of the blame!

Mutia-3 on his way to Lord TRUTH

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Bhai Hari singh ji

thanks for giving me advice i fully agree with your point. I know simran is essential for a sikh and when we listen gurbani , also give some time to simran and do regularly nitnam than we are living a life.

in past when their are discussion on religion gani dit singh told to Dayanand the true path i want to convey this message to you that a sikh is not broken by anyone from our guru

i am not against or favour of gurbaksh singh i am only with my guru gurbaskh singh challenge to every sikh that if iam not right regarding gurmat than you give any punishment no one give him reply akal takth jahtedar told to sadh sangat that gurbask singh is not a sikh no one comminicate with him why?

in the period of guru sahib guru sahib not give ukamnama like this vedanti is sewadar of badal not gurusahib.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

User:Mutia-3 16/17 Feb 06

User Locator?

Sir, WaKhaFa !

  • . How to go about removing Gurdwaras from this map ?. It is just a copy of the first version of Gurdwara Map
  • . Any refinements in line ? Look forward to its coming up on lines with the Gurdwara Map. I could have thought of some text to add, but may not be worth the effort as there may be complex IT / Policy issues associated at the SikhiWiki Organization level .

WaKhaFa User:Mutia

Mutia Did it ??


  • 1. What better honor / appreciations Mutia like me can imagine than receiving thanks even before i ( typo, Mutia will remain ) did some muddling around.
  • 2. Sir, permit me NOT to say the mechanical word 'thanks' back . My personal gallery begins with the long array of all words of appreciation liberly showered by you. Please further permit me to remain your student & speak less. But for you (an IDOL of TRUTH, not very many around) I would have never been able to relish the taste of HUMANITY on Net.
  • 3. Details next. How is your niece. My hello for her.

WaKhaFa ! User:Mutia


Sir WaKhaFa !

  • 1.What a nice morning for Mutia we are working concurrently. I try dedicating Amrit Vela to SikhiWiki but find it hard to bear Lord TRUTH's first Commandment to Me as Sikh. Lord Seem to be kind to both of us. But for your motivation I would not have been enjoing this Association. May Lord TRUTH bless both of us nay! all of us with TRUTH full Working On SikhiWiki dedicated to 'No One' but ONE.
  • 2. The SikhiWiki editor, for Perception, does not permit editing heading wise. It forces me to open the entire page in 'edit' view even for a 'micro edit' located in some remote corner of the entire text.Sir can it be helped.
  • 3. Am I on The right track ?. All Sikhs of the universe seem to be crafting Their own IDEAs in Gurdwaras the world over with no time to spare for GurSeva. Permit me Sir! Same appears to be With SikhiWiki. Can SikhiWiki somehow formalize some sort of a feed back System to writers.
  • 4. What are the plans, in case known, for SikhiWiki to help the editor with spellcheck & other such tools. Sir, your idea of cut paste from Front page to SikhiWiki is good & works fine.
  • 5. More next. Mutia 12 Mar 06
  • 6. Sir, THANKS. Hari Singh Ji is the Best. Mutia13 Mar 06
  • 7. Sir, THANKS.Mutia14 Mar 06

Being Together is Bliss

Sir , WaKhaFa ! real nice being together again ! any thing for me ?Mutia 19 Mar 06

Sir, WaKhaFa! Thanks for real time response. Your Mutia is no Scholar, thanks for having considered this typo being capable of research etc. Permit me to Share my mind with you on the headings you gave :-

  • Sakhis, History:, Culture Gatka, Anand Karaj etc & Events Hola Mahalla, Vaisakhi, etc
Sir, I wish I could promise effort on these headings. As on now I am heavily tied up with final exams ahead, hunt for a job to make a living once I am off with my MA, DARPAN & it's translations etc. My father is motivating the local Sikhs without much response. This not withstanding, These headings are embedded in my memory & plan to see how far can I put in something .
  • Photos-- It may sound abstract but I yearn to correlate Gurbani thoughts with thematically matching Graphics , photos etc. Two photos of ocean, which you uploaded a few days back, should light up some Ideas with me.
  • Books-- Welcome Sir ! Just send me the list & let me know what is required. Should be no Problem what so ever.

Happy Sikhing & WaKhaFa !Mutia


  • is it OK?....
  • Books ?
  • Sir, how does one write unicode Punjabi Fonts through SikhiWiki editor? Please help! I could not find a way. I downloaded a unicode font called 'Saab' from Net - The font does become part of the combo box of Front Page but it does nothing. Even after selecting Saab font on combo normal english characters appear on monitor.

More next.Mutia 24 mar 06


Sir WaKhaFa ! thanks for the article & Mutia begs your pardon for having articulated some text to make it in line with futuristic readjustment of the Gurbani based articles. 'Foreseen linking' is what guided me to readjust it a bit. Do let me know your views.

Books you sought will be no problem for me to get on with. do let me know.

Am I on the right track? having chip chopped the TRUE IDEAs' set. please help with the feedback.Earlier Mutia having overdid formatting all over was stupid. I have no words to thank Hari Singh Ji alone again & again for having put me back on track.

Recommended that SikhiWiki system managers formalize some system of regular feed back to check us students' homework. Working all to oneself requires becoming GOD for which one has to climb 38 Steps. Mutia is at best a typo. REGARDS!

User:Mutia30 Mar o6

'SatNaam' vs. 'SatNam'

Sir, I think 'SatNaam' vs. 'SatNam' is just a phonetic issue typical to the effect of a native language on this Gurbani term when written in English. Indians with Hindi, or even Punjabi background tend to stretch the '..a..' part of the sound a bit more to make it appear as 'SatNaam' , whereas the English speaking world may be comfortable with 'SatNam'. I recommend for SikhiWiki we may follow the short & sweet one i.e. 'SatNam'. WaKhaFa!User:Mutia 30 Mar 06

Inter word space

  • Sir, through SikhiWiki editor How to write say... ?

without using '.' character

  • In other words, since 'tab key' function is not available what is the alternative ? Pl help.

regards & WaKhaFa! User:Mutia31 Mar 06

Missed You

Sir WaKhaFa ! Seem to be on real heavy commitment or something with Lord TRUTH . Missed you all this While, 'SikhiWiki' shows up as just '...Wiki'. Regard & best Wishes ---Amita Singh17 Apr 06

Missed SikhiWiki & You All

Sir, Sorry for disappearing for a few days. Permit me to TRUTHfully blame my PC which had broken down. I shall be out of town for another about 2 days but will certainly catch the trail where I left it. Gur Fateh, WaKhaFa & regards ---Amita Singh05 May06 Sir, Hearty thanks for staying with. My PC is back in shape, and so are my final year MA exams, (last paper on 12 May 06). Exams not withstanding, I resolve to stay in touch. May not be able to spare much of time & I am sure kind SikhiWiki will let it be for this child. Thanks for Sharing the Set of Photographs. No words for Hari Singh Ji's contribution to the sprit of Sikhi. The feeling was as if we had been there in person. WaKhaFa ! [User:Mutia | Amita Singh] 08 May 06 ______________________________________________________________________________________________

MAANYOG HARI SINGH JI. WJKKWJKF Thanks for your answer to linking map with article on sikhiwik. --Guglani 01:30, 30 May 2006 (Central Daylight Time)



I wish to link Bhai Vir Singh article in en.wikpedia to Bhai Vir Singh article in sikhiwiki. How to copy paste this? I also like to link photo of Bhai Vir Singh, uploaded as image in sikhiwiki from tribune site,to above page on bhai vir singh in sikhiwiki.please tell me how to do this?

Further in Category biographical and sub category early gursikh personalities ;some personalities like principal jodh singh,Teja singh,Karam singh historian etc need be added ;how to do that also?

Your help shall be of great use and expect shall be coming immediately.

with warm regards.--Guglani 03:23, 12 June 2006 (Central Daylight Time)


MAANYOG HARI SINGH JI. WJKKWJKF Click on GURDWARA MAP is not working to add Gurdwara even after following the right procedure.Earlier I have added many Gurdwaras on Map in same procedure.Will you pleae check and give me solution?--Guglani 23:29, 15 June 2006 (Central Daylight Time)

MAANYOG HARI SINGH JI. WJKKWJKF Position about Gurdwara Map ,where Gudwara not possible to Add by prick of click at location is still the same since i first reported on 15th june.Hope somebody is working to correct it .Please inform me when it is corrected.--Guglani 03:37, 22 June 2006 (Central Daylight Time)


Subject: Emailing: gurdwara in sikkim,Gurdwara Map sofware problem

I am happy that illustaration about Gurdwara in sikkim given by me at sikhiwiki has been used by someone in gudwaraworld site( refer link below) . Like this if more and more people come to know of the place ; perhaps place visited by Guru Nanak Ji will not be fogotton in times.

I also hope that Gurmustuk ji would now have found time to attend to Gurdwara map problem.I am eagerly awaiting for doing some more postings when map site is ready to accept more gurdwaras and is able to accept corrections of location of old ones.Thanks to google earth for a better resolution map of so many locations. Also please explain me how to remove a location from the map or delete a wrong filled gurdwara from map. I am filled with gratitude for sikhnet people for doing such a wonderful community service.

--Guglani 03:14, 1 July 2006 (Central Daylight Time)

MAANYOG HARI SINGH JI. WJKKWJKF I learnt from discussion o user Canuck singh ji that you are intersted in photos of guns captured in anglo-sikh wars.down below is link to site wher such photo of guns is available.Hope it serves your purpose.And thanks for encouragement to me in cntributin on sikhiwiki. sikh chelianwalaguns--Guglani 04:29, 5 July 2006 (Central Daylight Time)

Bhai Samund Singh Raagi

MAANYOG HARI SINGH JI. WJKKWJKF Noting your interest in Bhai Samund Singh article i have uploaded another file in sikhiwiki named below from gurmat sangeet blog of S. Sarabjeet singh.Hope you will enjoy reading it. This article has been written by Sh Balwant gargi about the famous raagi sahib.I do not know how to make available an article in gurmukhi as a link to an article in Sikhiwiki. (Bhai_Samund_Singh.doc)--Guglani 05:07, 6 July 2006 (Central Daylight Time)