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I want to ask something to all Sikhs that why we still believe in casteism?Why a General category person can't marry to a person belong to Ramdasia Category even that person is highly qualified and settled but still our society will take it wrong? Why?

Why we people take it as a blunder or crime?

If our Waheguru does not teach us to accept casteism then why we people start believing on this strategy?this is wrong..if we are true sikh then we should follow our gurus teachings.

Reply from Hari Singh

Gundeep ji,

You are absolutely right; to believe in or to practise casteism is wrong as outlined in the article Caste system: ideology and practise?. Unfortunately, the leadership in Sikhi is not fully committed to this philosophy. With more awareness and pressure may be we can make them follow the lead provided by our Gurus. Hari Singhtalk 15:30, 12 June 2009 (UTC)


Dear Gundeep ji, Sat Sri Akal

It is extremely sad to know that casteism continues in Sikhi despite the concerted efforts of our great and enlightened Gurus. I am very sorry to learn that your life has been personally affected by this human disease. Please don't despair; you have mighty support in the form of the true Sikhs and all the Sikh Gurus and Saints.

I know it is not easy for you but you have my support and the support of everyone at SikhiWiki. Casteism has no place in human society; it is divisive and inhumane and we are all on your side in this matter; as are all fair and peace-loving people of the world. I know, sometimes, when your own parents do not support you or the true path, it can be very difficult. However, it is the mission of all Sikhs to follow the way of equality and of one humanity. So, your path is correct as you believe in equality and non-discrimination. So you are right as you have taken the side of the Sikh Gurus.

Casteism: reply

Our Cultural baggage

Unfortunately, many of our parents have their feet in the "Punjabi culture", which has a history spanning thousands of years of discrimination and segregation; or unfairness and suppression. Those cultural habits will not go away quickly; they are in the blood of all Indian societies. It has taken many generations for Sikh society to appreciate and to begin to follow the message of our Gurus; the true path is always harder and tougher to follow.

Please don't despise or rebel against your parents; they just do not realise that they are wrong. Also, do not assume that they will understand easily. It takes a brave person to challenge the "norms" of society; a society who's values have remained the same for many generations; the wrong done by generations has become the norm; the expected way of the people. How can we move them away from this link and these habits which their parents and grand-parents have followed for generations.

Their elders have followed these cultural ways and fought for them "tooth and nail"; many have have been "ex-communicated" and punished by village elders for breaking the "rules" of their norms; and for practising equality. Whenever, anyone moved outside their caste; they were punished by the elders and society. This has been the way of life known to them for generations; for as long as they can remember! And probably, your grandparents have supported the village Panchayat in these actions of punishment; this has been orally passed for many generations. Don't expect your parents to change easily; they would be condemning their elders and the history as they know it by changing. Education and slow reformation is the way forward; slowly and with intelligence; with confidence and conviction we need to tackle these "slow-movers".

Real reform needed

Many Punjabi who are Sikhs have only become Sikhs 4 or 5 generations ago; Those initial Sikhs were not educated; they did not understand Gurbani. The values in their society did not change when they became Sikhs; in fact very little changed and that has remained the same. Even today, many Sikhs do not understand Gurbani with any depth; and so they do not realise that their practises are against "real Sikh values". When we say "maanas kee jaath sabai eaekai pehichaanabo", "Recognize the whole of human race as one"; many Sikhs do not realise the power and real message in this statement; they say it but they do not understand it! The fact that real meaning of this statement speaks against casteism; against gender discrimination; against racism; has never reached them

Way forward

How do we move forward? The first thing to do is to remove the stress from your mind; remember the Guru is with us and is our support; the truth is on our side; remember casteism is ugly and wrong. Take a deep breath; do ardas to Waheguru because this is really "His struggle"; He is using you to spread his message of truth; so there should be no stress. Be positive and work with others who are on your side; plan how you can change by education and by love and intelligence the views of our elders.

Engage with elders

Ask your parents: Hey mum, dad. What do you understand from the tuk: "maanas kee jaath sabai eaekai pehichaanabo" What did Guru Gobind Singh mean do convey in this line? (see Recognize the human race as one). Do not push them but engage them; slowly without pressure; make it a fun thing. As them to tell you what they know about Sikhi. After discussion generally about Sikhi talk about gender discrimination and then racism against "blacks and coloured" as it was in the UK, USA and South Africa; How the world as changed and Sikhi values now apply there now. May be then you can talk about casteism and the present problem facing Sikh panth regarding "Ravidassia"

If you get any difficulties; Remember you are not alone; you just need to whisper and many thousands are behind you; Guru has given us technology and our Sikh panth; we are all brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers and children of one family; this is our mission together and this may be your personal project to influence the people around you; but we have a big global team. We will tackle this problem according to the teachings of our Gurus. We love, dedication, impartiality and purpose.

Just ask!

If you need any help, just ask. Please write here at Sikhiwiki (which is better as other may gain from it) or email me directly at [email protected]

Guru kirpa karan, your UK uncle, Hari Singhtalk 15:01, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for your support

Thanks a lot sir for your support.I am confident that I am on a right track..Waheguru mehar karan and i 'll able to convince everyone.I feel proud to be a sikh girl.With God's grace one day I 'll able to remove this disease from our society.Thanks a lot Again.

You are Right, so keep shining!

Gundeep Kaur ji,

"Gun" in Punjabi means "virtue" and "deep" means "light". So it is appropriate for you to keep your virtues and promote "equality of the human race" as a prime Sikhi principle. You are a shining example of the Guru's teachings, a true Gursikh who is on the right path. Keep it up. You have our support from SikhiWiki. Regards and Guru's fateh, Hari Singhtalk 04:06, 23 June 2009 (UTC)

Gudeep ji.

Sat Sri Akal, Baati ji,

I remember you well and with the help of technology I can also see in detail the issues that we discussed. The Guru will help us as we are trying to walk on his path. To discriminate on the grounds of caste is totally unacceptable but also it is completely unthinkable that we discard our parents! Both options are not accepted in Gurmat.

It is a serious situation and only Waheguru can help us ultimately. Baati ji, first everyday you must ask Guru for His help. Do a short (2 to 5 minutes) ardas daily, and say: Maharaja, I need your assistance to walk on your path of non-discrimination; at the same time I wish to follow your instructions on doing good service to my parents; please "mahar karro" (bless me and) show me the path forward. I do not wish to discriminate nor hurt my parents; please bless me with your "Baksish" (blessings) and wisdom.

At the same time make sure you do not have any anger or negative feelings for your mother; bring love in your heart for your mum. Remember she truly believes that you are wrong; as a mother she feels she is doing the right thing! So do not feel any anger for her but only love. She is prepared to discriminate as she feels she is doing the best for her daughter.

We know she is wrong but let Waheguru change her mind. Play the kirtan on the oneness of mankind - shabads like "manas key jatt sabh ekh pachano" etc in the house - let her hear it.

Let us try this for 2 weeks and see how Waheguru guides us after that. Don't loose faith; the Guru will assist us. We just need to listen to his hukam and look deep into our hearts and see what direction is provided by the Guru. Please try this as best as you can and kindly keep me informed of how things go. To help you along, read this post by Manvir Singh to see what miracles can happen - Read about Amritpal Singh and his teeth Raab Rakha, Waheguru bhaalee karroo, Baksh-lo, bakshlo, bakshlo. Hari Singhtalk 02:14, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

Gundeep Kaur ji, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Baata, Casteism is an evil which unfortunately has stayed with some Sikh families living today; I am sorry to hear that this disease is very prominent in your family. How can you call yourself a Sikh of Guru Nanak if don't follow his precious words? The Guru passionately wanted us to rise above these negative ideas; why have we no risen with these great ideas of Nanak to those heights?

The sacrifices of our Gurus and the panth are wasted as far as these members of your family are concerned; they should not think even for one second that the Guru will aid them in any way here or hereafter. How can someone who discriminates another human being because of their caste or creed or race or colour or .... find sangat with the Guru? The Guru will turn his back on these people - see the sakhi of Malik Bhago & Bhai Lalo. Whose name is in Gurbani? - It is Lalo not Bhago! Let's all strive to be like Lalo!

Don't burn yourself in pain; life is a challenge to improve oneself and help others! The Lord's mission for you is to spread the message of the Guru. Fulfil that mission; be the voice of the great Guru. Tell your folks the messages of Gurbani. Do not burn inside; take positive action. Always do ardas to the Almighty and ask for guidance; have an open mind and let the Divine show you the way forward.

You move forward not by fighting but by love and purity; bring purity into your heart; bring love for all in your mind; follow Bani closely; even if you read just 10 minutes a day; think about what it tells you. Understand the words; think about the deep meaning; walk on this path; discard the traps of your mind and walk in the freedom of the Lord.

When walking in a desert then baata, sand will get in your eyes. This is Kaljug; there is heat, hatred and discrimination in many hearts - what do you expect? To walk on the straight path of those tall ones like Nanak is not always easy. Many hurdles will come your way; many difficulties, many problems will try and stop you. But nothing will stop the pure ones. Only the true one will sit with the Gurus! But think: Did it stop the young Sahibzada Fateh Singh walking on this path? Did he question or waver from walking in the right direction? No, not even at the age of 6, did this beautiful flower of the Lord think of taking the "easy option" - he knew the path of Nanak! and he walked it!

Can we, at such a big age not understand what he understood? What a shame! Let us all learn from the small child, Sahibzada Fateh Singh. Think. He was given only two options - leave Nanak and come with us or die? Which was the easier path to take? Life gives us such options daily - not as serious as this but options never the less - Nanak or the easy path? The path of "Dharam" or the path of "adharam" (anti-Dharam)?

Waheguru wants you to be strong in your belief; He is testing you? Making you stronger. Does Gundeep really believe in God and Nanak or is the illusion of Maya pulling her back? Which option is she going to choose? Waheguru is trying to make you stronger; only the strong sit in Nanak's sangat now! Have you got that strength to be with this "A" team or are you grade B or C or even D?

No, the choice is not family or x; you have to keep them both with you. The family may be disappointed for a short while but don't make them your enemy. Let Waheguru show you a way forward; if you take His sharan (shelter, support) then He will guide you; take your manmat out of your mind. If you are driven by "personal love" then you are deceiving yourself. Only do that which is ordained by His hukam! Be guided by the ideal of Guru Nanak not trapped by your mind!

Don't fight alone. The whole panth is with you! I don't have your family's contact, please email only their telephone or address to me - don't post here on SikhiWiki. I will write or speak to them.

Don't take this as stress; this is a test! Be brave and have faith in Waheguru; he will guide you and help you.

Yours in Sikhi. Regards, Hari Singhtalk 04:10, 17 November 2009 (UTC)

Gundeep ji, May waheguru help you in this crucial juncture. Believe everything will be allr8 wid the grace of the Almighty waheguru. Sarbjeet Singh, Jammu (J&K) user:sarbjeet_1313me

Dont worry waheguru is here

Gundeep ji, May waheguru help you in this crucial juncture. Believe everything will be allr8 wid the grace of the Almighty waheguru. Sarbjeet Singh, Jammu (J&K) user:sarbjeet_1313me

Thanks for your support

Hello Sir

With your blessings and God's grace I got married to that person to whom I wanted and today God blessed me with cute baby.

Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement.

My family is very happy now.

Thanks Again

Waheguru's mercy & His greatness

Baati ji, Sat Sri Akal

It is a great joy and a truly blissful day when the ultimate gift is yours.

May the true Guru continue to guide and protect your slightly larger family and may all your wishes and dreams come true.

Remember Him in your heart and thanks Him for His benevolence every time the thought of your child comes to your mind. May the child become a true servant of the Guru, a faithfully devotee of the Lord and a loving part of the family.

Good wishes and best regards, Hari Singhtalk 11:52, 21 January 2012 (CST)