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Jo Deesy Sat.. Gur..Sikhda niv niv laga pau jeeo.....--SatGurBani!!

Maan yog Sachiary Bhai..Sahibji

Dear Wishwajit Nice meeting. Stay in communication. It is interesting.

    • Are you Son of Tehal Singh Ji,? or...
    • Are you Paapi....or
    • Are you Wishwajeet alias Pappi? or..
    • Both of you are friends ? or..
    • You are not Son of Tehal Singh ji
  • this confusion not withstanding both of you are smart TRUTHfull Young Khalsas of TARUN DAL.

Sikhi(Wiki) is SACH KHAND. Stay on & Learn further. Do let me know how can Honourable Hari Singh ji, Me or SikhiWiki can help (both of) You to become Dare Devil Khalsas of SatGurBani & that of Khalsa Panth. Ok bye for now & Gur Fateh !! WaKaFa! Down with FALSEHOOD!! Down with TERRORISM!! Khalsa had been, IS & ever WILL stay Night Mareish to both of them. Become a Sachiara & jion in the Battlefield NOW!!. Stay on E mail give your's on your User:Page.

--Mutia20 Mar 07