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Sat Shri Akaal ji, Assuming that you Pavan are indeed the Batthster. Who was graduating from where? Welcome to Sikhiwiki. Most folks put their piture and some details on their user page.

Actually the welcome below is a nifty welcome set up by Hari Singh. feel free to be in touch with anyone over any questions. Allenwalla 04:09, 23 July 2008 (UTC)

Hello, Sat Sri Akal, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh: Batthster Ji!

When you have a few minutes, please introduce yourself to the rest of the SikhiWiki team. We would welcome if you could tell us a little about yourself.

Please tell us:

  • your nickname or is it Batthster? Should we just call you, Batthster Ji
  • what you do in life; Are you a student? If so what sort of school or college do you attend? Or do you work? In which case what sort of company do you work for? And what sort of work do you do?
  • the town and country where you live; Do you live in India? Then which state and town? What sort of place is it? Is it a village and a rural community? Or is like my town adjacent to a highly urbanised area like London?
  • your interests and hobbies, etc. Do play sports? Are you a photographer or a well travelled person? Perhaps you have an interest in the armed forces? Flying? Walking? gardening? NO! then what? Please tell us.
When you add this information, please overwrite the text {{Please complete}} at the top of your user page. This is YOUR user page - You decide what you want here! But insults, nudity, blackmail, threats, incitement to violence, no sales, no adverts for goods, services, etc, etc. No, No, I assure you we DO believe in freedom! LOL

Many thanks. Hari Singhtalk