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  • jo toy mary mukkia tina na mary ghumm......

True Thoughts

O An Upright Penpal-------- Creative Mighty Being, Light of Nirvyyr, Steadfast & Self Realized Gurbani! Please bless upon us the courage to write your True Name realised through Amrit vylas……

08 May 09: KSO Logo & Web Site

  • Nank nirguxi guxu kr' guxvntiAa gux d'. t'ha koEi na sujhEee ji tisu guxu koEi kr'.......

All Sikhs of the universe are wecome to Khalsa Standard Organisation for writing your Truename.

05 Aug09: Your True Name

  • Mn tu jot sruup hyy apna mool pchhax ….O my Mind! U r priceless light of TRUTH (read GOD). Why don’t u realize your own worth. You are founded on your True Name which is ‘TRUTH’ (Khalsa). Introspect & u will stop running after Nonsense & FALSEHOOD.

  • Jyta Keeta Tyta Nau '...Whatever u create will become True Name & Fame of Sarbat Khalsa Standard Orgaisation.

  • Kirtm nam kthyy tyry jihva stinam tyra bla puurbla... Your False Names get parroted out of cancerous bad habit of the tongue. All these are nothing but parasites to your True Name & Fame.

O All in One Upright PenpalAmar Kaur! Your True Name is…

…‘Creative Khalsa Kaur-Singh Nirvayyr Living Gurbani Steadfast & Self Realized ‘Jpu’ alias ‘all Gursikhs'.

…All Upright Pen pals------- Creative Khalsa. Kaur-Singhs Nirvyyr Living Gurbani Steadfast & Self Realized ‘Gursikh Residents of the Universe & beyond’, through the grace of Gurbani, plan to log below thoughts which descend down their mind through ‘Amrit Vyla' (Brhm Mhuurt)’ as supplement to your True Name …'Jpuji Sahib' ......Your True Name was, had been, is & will ever remain True.

Yes, glad to see you using a computer at your age

Sat Shri Akaalji, I don't know what you refer to, but my understanding is that any contributions here are free for anyone to use. I mostly make slight changes in grammar, seeking to edit out typos, mostly caused by the use of OCR (optical scanning devices). I was surprised to find some of my thoughts written on talk pages recently, on a site called Gurmat Parkash, but they correctly gave a reference to sikhiwiki. I myself am a student of life, a student of Sikh history and the history of many things. My mother is 82 and I can not yet get her near a computer. I brought her a cellphone to carry when she is cutting grass or driving into town shopping, for safety. She has finally, after two years, shown some interest and actually carries the cell phone and has used it once and awhile.

She like many older people dreams of earlier days, when things were simpler and people taught their children to be respectful.

Raab Rakha, Allenwalla 09:43, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

inappropriate hyperlink

Dear Amar Kaur, Sat Sri Akal

Linking article words to talk pages in not appropriate and should not be used. Regards, Hari Singhtalk 02:33, 28 September 2009 (UTC)