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e'h Kalsa akaal purk ke fauj

  • 1. Delhi, Kha Teja Singh-85
  • 2. Delhi, Kha Amar Kaur-80

Budha Dl Gurmukh

Budha Dl GurSikh

Budha Dl Syyhj Dhare--2 member

Trun Dl Gurmukh

Trun Dl Gursikh

Trun Dl Syyhj Dharee

Bal Dl Gurmukh

Bal Dl GurSikh

Bal Dl Syyhj Dhare

  • 2. Sdr Chandan Singh-16
  • 3. Sdr Anusha Singh-10
  • 4. Sdr jeet Singh-12

...prbh jee bury bhly hm tharyy....


  • 1. Kh A. S. Aulakh Singh Sciara? (Sciary nanak ka Sachiara sach! not Good enough!...Nanak Sachy ko sc jaan )
  • 10. Sdr Pop54 -(laust cys)


  • 11. Kh Thegreateditor? (glt! d grytyyst yyditr. Bussy editing Where??)


  • 7. Sdr Jatin Singh26 ( A friend to be with, Happy go lucky. Understands his inner voice..will make stones laugh & speak communicator one can find...waiting to fall in love...very choosy ...)


  • 8. Sdr Anusha9 -mini giggling mliaalee doll(what are you busy with What happened to Ideas in malialam??)
  • 9. Sdr Sikhda10 -'cakk dy phtty brand da punjaab da puttr'(ih ggvac gia??)


  • 6. Sdr Baljeet Kaur51 (Amita's Mom is her Universe....?...not withstanding)


  • 11. Kh User:Pal143(..... hau kurbanyy jau tuhady hau kurbanyy jau....ik bhori darshan deejyy.....ik bhori darshan deejyy....

talk:Amrit Vela tuhady wichon Sikhi de bhinnee bhinne khushbu au.dee hyy....darshan devo jee..... One timer mystic & cryptic on the wrong side of what???)

Our Creations: Crafted TRUE IDEAs

Budha Dal...>50


3.??? 4.

Tarun Dal..20 to 50

Beebee.a --Crafted by Amita Singh

1.Compendium of TRUE IDEAs 2. Seekhna 3.Sikhana 4. Sudharna 5.TRUE SIKH

Baal Dal...<20



All Projects are founded on GurDitti Team English ..............Language

  1. TRUE 'Akhand Lekh' for Young English Speaking Sikhs.
  2. Study of GurBani Grammer
  3. GurDittiplan to evolve standard english characters based script for all Indian Languages. To begin with for PUNJABI.
  6. DARPAN-Po
  7. DARPAN-Te
  8. Sikh Families

True Sikhs

Kha Khushwant Singh Sikh.

Kha Manmohan singh Sikh.

Kha Prof Sahib singh Sikh.

Kha Joginder Singh Sikh.

Kha Kala Afgana Singh Sikh.

Kha Ghagga Singh Sikh.

Kha Aulakh Singh Sikh.

Kha Pritpal Singh Sikh

Kha User:Pappi Singh Sikh.

Kha Teer Singh Sikh