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It is an english term used for a universal set of beliefs based on falsies & not rational, objective & scientific considerations ie facts ( an expression which is universally acknowledged as being TRUE e. g. the expression "sone rises from east'" is universally TRUE & hence is a fact)

Aimed at expliotation

A typical socio political expression initiated by ManMukhs to mislead the gullible & ignorant humanity is "ram ka nam sch hai" used as an endless recitation by hindu samaj tos glorify Raja Raam as per SatGurbani standard (GurMat) is a superstition. The TRUE expression should have been " O schiaaryy ! tera nam hindu samaj ny ram rkh leaa hai. ram tera doosra naam hai". As per GurMat 2nd thought (delima or controversy about an expression being TRUE or FALSE) is no way permitted by Bani in Khalsa culture.

The ignorent maases start glorifying Raja Ram where as GurMat permits glorification of on nothing but 'Lord TRUTH'(with no attributes), SatGurbani, TRUTHs (facts), Khalsa (Truthfull human beings)

Typical examples

Superstition (weham / Bharam) have nothing what so ever to do with Sikhism& socio political domain of Khalsa culture. Worthless & false phobias like....

  • "billi ka rasta katna",
  • "Saturday and tuesday bringing bad luck, death, accident etc",
  • "marriages on specific days, dates or months being cause of diavorce"
  • "idol worship to appease the notional spirits or dieties"
  • " a szeeze or intruption by one of the family member just before the other member sets out of the house on an important job, being a bad omen"
  • "distributing the prasaad of boiled channa (grams) on saturdays clinsing one of his past sins"
  • seeing a widow being a bad omen
  • "infertile women bring bad luck to the family / society"

...and countless other litter & stinking rubbish of the sorts, are cultured, groomed & maintained by FALSEHOOD to eploit the socio-political, natural & geographical resources gifted to humanity for sharing & not for possessing.

  • the theme of the suject has been flawlessly encapsulated by Kabir sahib in the following Shabad

kabeera bhali madhukari.......

What need to be done?

Such superstitions, typically so in india, are socio-politically, morally & ethically aproved formalised & sustained at the state level. Differenciation is the foundation ethic of hindu samaj. Unfortunately the poison is gradally eating up the very social fibre of Sikh society. We TRUE Sikhs need to stand strong against the onslaut of superstitions on Sikhi among Sikhs. We must publically & formally condemn all such rubbish with the strenth of SatGurBani. Nank Shib summs up the issue in one shabad

Akhan jor chupy nahin jor.

10th Nanak socio-politically formalized the above commandment through the Khalsa Slogan

  • gajj ky bolo "wahy guru ji ka Khalsa wahy guru ji ki fateh
  • Gajj ky bolo "Raaaj karygaa Sachiaary varga Sachiaara



Kiv Sachiara hoviyy ??? Kiv Kudyy Tutty Paal fir kee agyy rakhiyy??? There is only ONE solution

  • Sachy vyly uth ky Sach dee study karo,
  • Jhuthy vyly(din vich) [[NAAM DAAN| Sach Vando,
  • maran to baad(while sleeping) [[SatGurBani|sach naal ikk mikk ho jaaoo.

upper valy nittnem karan naal guna deean panj paurian Lord Sach appy chada davyga...panj han oh parian jyhdeean panj piaariaan ny bnaaeean san.

  • Daya
  • Dharam
  • Himmat
  • Mohkamiat
  • Sahibi

phyr Raaj Karygaa Khalsa aakkee (Those who creat sustain & prapogate Superstitions & Falsehood) rahyga na koyy !



The fondation

✝ If you do naam simran for sake of paap and punn then this is also a weham. If you do prayers for next birth, transmigration, heaven hell then its also a superstition.

✝ Keeping Parshad under Palki Sahib, People say its Maharaj da Bhog,

✝ If anand sahib is reciting and prashad is not there then also a new superstition (Weham) created.

Maharaj da Bhog

  • "People say its Maharaj da Bhog".................................FALSE
  • "Maharaaj dy sevak da bhog(for the Sikh(pathi) in Service of SatGur Granth Sahib).........TRUE


"Kada is Prasaad"...................................FALSE

"WAAK (Gur Parsaad) is Prasaad & Kada is Icon of Prasaad".........TRUE

"Distribution of Kada in Sadh sangat is social protocol / icon / indicative / tradition of conveying to every one that Prassad of WAAK / NAAM DAAN from Wahyguru / ORDER for the day / GOD's Commandment for next 24 hrs before a Sikh reports back to Guru begging for NAAM (WAAK) again, has already been gifted to those who TRUTHfully dedicated their nothing but 'Head to Bani.

Offerings during Matha Tyyk

Mathaa Tyyk, as a Khalsa cultural protocol, is a social committment, resolve, WILL & affirmation of the promise to Guru that...

O SatGur! this head no more belongs to me hereafter. It is Yours. I will Listen, Believe in & follow nothing but THY commandments .

All other materialistic offerings during 'Matha tek' are icons / indicative / tradition / to every one that such a promise / committmett / True Offer (of One's Head) has been gifted to Gurbani.

Matha Teyyk is a public resolve to publically Gajjky declaration that a resolve to climb 38 steps to GOD's abode has been made.

--Mutia 10:12, 21 April 2007 (EDT)

List Of Super stitions

Well following are some superstitions and user:mutia will destroy all of them see discussion page: =
1) Saturday, Tuesday, Thrusday the days hich are related with superstitious activities you knows all.
2) Dont go outside of house after drinking milk.
3) Eating curd before doing a work and eating elaichi before giving exams
4) Sukhna at guru's place - rabb 100 rs. chadaungaa pass kar deyin
5) vaastushastra, feng shui, chakra reading, palm readings, tarot readings, astrology, rumpology, foot reading, biorythms, runes readings..................all predictions.
6) dogs barking and weeping at night
7) Not believing the god
8) Morning Dreams come true.
9) Dhongi Sant , mahapurkhs
10) if a person do some kind of action, people say jaroor eh pichley janam wich eh hona. eg. a person always doo jugaali with tounge and max. people say eh pichley janamey balad see ya innu upari kasar hai. 11) mirch saarna and coconut waarna As per Gurmat Sikhism, has no place for all this nonsense. These are the creations of all those who do not want SIKHI to florish. as per Gurmat any one who calls himself a Sikh. of SatGurBani stands ordainened to pay no attention what so ever to all such rubbish

Nanak sahib outright rejects all these with one Tuk of SatGurBani

  • nanak nadri paeeyy kudi kudy thees.....Jap(u)

Those considered worthy by WahyGuru are blessed whereas ManMukhs will keep stuffing their mind with SUPERSTITIONS like those given above.

Writing abot, talking about, thinking over & discussing Superstitions is ManMat because all these activities give popularity to these SUPERSTITIONS.

Let us sikhs ignore all such non sense. Gurus ORDERS on the subject are very clear

  • Sakat sang na keejiyy duron jaaiyy bhaaj ......

Shun even the shadow of all those who prapogate bharam / Beham

A Sikh. has to spend all his resources in ....

    • Understanding SatGurBani
    • Helping others understand SatGurbani
    • Live life as per satGurbani