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Order of Khalsa: Total Sikhs as on....

Syyhjdhare Sikhs

They have resoveled to offer their Heads to SatGurBani

Gur Sikhs

They have baptized Themseves with Amrit Vela and on behalf of satGurBanihis claim has been formally acknowledged by Sadh Sangat (.....attendees) on at ........Gurdwara

Gur Mukhs

They can fluently speak , understand, read , write & express themselves in TRUTH god's language during day today socially formal, informal & personal activities with not only Sikhs but Non Sikhs as Well.



TRUTH god incarnate. A flawless human being who flawlessly fits into Mool Mantar as an IDOL of TRUTH

Manmukh Sikhs

Those not follows guru properly but adopted many ways of sikh life


Turbanators considered themselves as sikhs

Dera Saccha Sauda

Keshdhari Sikhs

Who are keshdhari follows guru granth sahib but not adopted the ways of khalsa properly that is 5 kakkars