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StiGur(Bani) ki Seva] Safal Hai....

Service to One's Own TRUE IDEAs stands approved in Lord TRUTH's Court

  • 6. Any other glory socially/politically expressed directly /indirectly / actively / passively / explicitly / implicitly, is FALSEHOOD
  • A GUR(GURU) is GOD's standard standing plan telling us as to what KaarSeva to do? when to do? How to do? where to do? ete ete with all ifs, buts & cases & contengencies likely to be encountered by any one in his life time having taken care of by the GURU.

KaarSeva ..

Performing Social Political & Personal functions/obligations.

  • 6. a Sub Set of GurSeva. It must draw strength from & need to be led by GurSeva & not the other Way Around. A typical example is of donating money to some apparently social cause (simply because it is believed to having been offered to GOD) without caring for GURU's commandment...
  • Akli Sahib Saviye Akli Deejy Daan......SGGS

...will NOT find acceptance in Thy Court.

  • 7. ...without first serving the GURU( JAPUJI to begin with supplemented by other Shabads / (Sat)Gurs / (TRUE) IDEAs)) & performing 'KarSeva', is like trying to grapple in pitch darkness & wandering around endlessly without reaching any where.
  • 8.... Japuji Sahib makes no mention of KaarSeva any where in any of the 38 steps which one must follow in that sequence to Meet Lord TRUTH at his abode. GurSeva is the very theme of Japuji nay universal SGGS.
  • 9..., (for that matter all other types of services, what so ever they may be) not being part of the Universal one GUR(IDEA/PLAN) having Approval of no one but the GRANTH & PANTH, is .NOT. repeat .NOT. approved in Thy COURT

GurSeva is Seva of Lord TRUTH / GURU (TRUE IDEA is Lord TRUTH) KaarSeva is Seva of the IDOLs of Lord TRUTH to be performed as per the Commandments of Lord TRUTH