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1. SikhiWiki vic gurmuKe liKna auKa hyy.

Solution: Update Roman English Script

2. 3. eyh 'gurdittee' de tyymplyt da beej(seed) hyy. TRUE Sikh is n.u SatGurBani de daaq jaan ky vdhan dee himmt krn jee.

O SatGurBani dy piary sikho ! 'ram- rhem, 3HO, yoga, mala, foto bryy.d dee.a sikhi.a chhd dyvo aty SatGurBani bryy.d dee sikhi dy ld lggo. ih hukm hyy...Hukm rzaee cllxa .(nank dee suxag.y t.a hee nank de vdiaee hyy. foto.a jhuthi.a sikh nank dy S~C dyy avtaar h.a. app.a n.y sahib bxna hyy--- Jap(u) Sahib hyy. ih hukm hyy ...jpu jappyy... ( Sikh should be a living copy of Japuji sahib]] like Nank was a living copy of Gurbani ....appy patti klm aap uppr lykh vee tu.....

aao rl ky hor kisy dee nh.i, bss ikk Nank de suxi.y, m.nneey, gaviy, vichariy, aty shariy(ih qqqee qvee aty maut da rsta hyy sikhi daa. klly saary rl ky clliy '...... Gur myry s.g sda hyy naaly..... boldy clliy..... Suniyy sidh peer sirnath...... 4 step hn sxn dy )

Sayth Nank

4. 'Aapxa nam (sciAara/Khalsa) jaxo, sc(gur Sbd da he dan dyvo & suAas suAas introspection kro. sb ku$ suDaro.

ke suDaro? SuDaro Eys tyymplyt nu! take gurbaxe Basha , suxna, gauxa, bolxa, likhxa, smJxa, vicarna sary jhan vic Asan ho javy.

- yoga, Mala, photo dy gnd kolon bdbuu ton baad Asle SiKi de Akl, kdy na Ktm hox vale aty pagl kr dyx vale miTe miTe sugnD avyge (gnd vicon ve)

Sikh.' aty Sikhi.

....haumyy deergh roog hyy daruu vee is mahy

  • There is only ONE defination of a SIKH...
  • Sikhism is not just another religion, neither is it a sect.
  • SatGurBani alone Eys de TRUE dyyfiniSn of a Sikh. & Sikhi's Sikhi. all other scholarly definitions are part of No 2 ka kaam
  • It is the Faternity of Dare Devils who Learn, Follw, speak, write, sing &...
  • learn universal SatGurBani Language to their near & dear Ones & all others who care for 'TRUTHs' (read tatte tvi..... not very many there to say that they will sit on it. standing by TRUTHs & ...those who apear to be TRUE Beings my turn out to be false.....paap punn dou eyk sman,.....dukh daru sukh rog hyy ya ho skda hyy ...... ).
  • SatGurBani is GOD’s language, Imortal language of HUMANITY.
  • SatGurBani, for a sikh is GOD, GURU, History, fun, fight, relatives & universal revolt against FALSEHOOD in ONE.
  • TRUE Sikhs will learn History through flawless & WHITEGurbani & not SatGurBani through history.
  • All Sikh Web Sites (who call themselves that way, stand ordained by SatGurBani not to project the color of satGurBani in Shades of Grey.
  • False Vedic culture is TRUTHful to FALSEHOOD; they do not Hide.
  • Unfortunately We sikhs demontrate FALSEHOOD by hiding from 'TRUTH god' (read Humanity) & try to make a big show of our belonging to the society of FLAWLESSLY TRUTHFUL HUMAN beins, lest we get rejected by the culture of FALSEHOOD........all this in the light of explicit commandment of SatGurBani , nindo nindo nindo loko moko nindo...., not withstannding.