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Most people think Sat gur Ravidass, Kabir, and Farid maharaj ji are bhagats (many more guru ji's that are considered bhagats), but you know what... THEY'RE WRONG and im going to tell you why.

Here's 2 facts to prove you wrong (beleive whichever you want, theyre both right);

1. First of all, you beleive in the guru granth sahib and all within it are gurus. If you didn't already know, Sat gur Ravidass, Sat gur Kabir and more Guru's that are considered bhagats by ediots are in the GURU Granth Sahib. When you bowdown (matha tekh) at the gurudwara to the guru granth sahib you are not only bowing before Sat gur nanek dev ji, but the gurus of guru nanek. THE ONES YOU CALL BHAGATS, my father sat gur ravidass. Every single person that has contributed in the making of the guru granth sahib are gurus.

If you ever get the time, read about sacha sauda.

2. Anyways, the second proof I've got to prove you all wrong is the word Guru. Guru is made from 2 pharsee shabds, ga and ruu. Ga and ruu means the light that takes away darkness. Now wether you were one of the ten gurus or not, if you are a light that takes away darkness (like saints;; Ex: 108 Sant Baba Darshan dass ji, 108 Sant Baba Bhagwan dass ji etc.) then you are a guru. Therefore there is no way you or anyperson in the world has the right to call Shri Guru ravidass, kabir, farid, dhanna, sadna, sen, tirlochan, and namdev maharaj ji a bhagat.

P.S. Sikhiwiki, I know you have the power to delete this and so you probably will, but heres a challenge... Leave it up and lets see if anyone has the knowledge to prove me wrong, the power to be able to say something about this topic.

Yours truly,