Timeline of Sikhism

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     Date Event
1398 Birth of Bhagat Kabir Ji.
1448 ? Bhagat Kabir Ji passes away.
1469 Birth of Guru Nanak Dev
1479 Guru Amar Das (3rd Guru) born.
1504 Guru Angad (2nd Guru) born.
1534 Guru Ram Das (4th Guru) born.
1539 Guru Angad Dev becomes second Guru. Guru Nanak passes away.
1552 Guru Amar Das becomes third Guru. Guru Angad Dev passes away.
1563 Guru Arjan Dev (5th Guru) born.
1574 Guru Ram Das becomes the fourth Guru. Guru Amar Das passes away.
1574 Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) built in Amritsar
1581 Guru Arjan Dev becomes Guru. Guru Ram Das passes away.
1595 Guru Hargobind (6th Guru) born.
1604 First installation of Adi Granth at Harimandir Sahib by Guru Arjan Dev
1606 Torture and martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev by the Mughals.
1606 Guru Hargobind becomes sixth Guru and first to wear swords of Miri & Piri.
1621 Guru Tegh Bahadar (9th Guru) born.
1630 Guru Har Rai (7th Guru) is born.
1644 Guru Har Rai becomes the Seventh Guru. Guru Hargobind passes away.
1656 Guru Har Krishan (8th Guru) is born.
1661 Guru Har Krishan becomes the eighth Guru at 5 years of age. Guru Har Rai passes away.
1665 Guru Tegh Bahadar becomes the ninth Guru. Guru Har Krishan passes away aged 8.
1666 Guru Gobind Singh (the 10th and last human Guru) is born.
1675 Guru Gobind Singh become final human Guru. Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadar by the Mughal Aurangzeb.
1699 Guru Gobind Singh creates the Khalsa Panth
1708 Guru Gobind Singh dies after conferring Guruship to the Guru Granth Sahib.
1716 Banda Singh Bahadur, Sikh military leader, executed with followers in Delhi.
1761 Sikhs take the capital city of Lahore, Pakistan from the Mughal governor
1769 Sikhs repel Afghan invaders to become an important political power in Panjab.
1799 Ranjit Singh, captures Lahore and establishes Sikh Kingdom across Northern India.
June 1984 Indian Forces storm The Golden Temple.

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