Thanda Burj

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Thanda Burj is a Punjabi term refering to a "Cold room" or tower, which during summer is very comfortable but in the extreme winter can be very cold and painful to stay in.

Gurudwara Burj Mata Gujri and Gurudwara Shahid Ganj are also located in the main complex of Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib. It was at the site of Gurdwara Burj Mata Gujri that the two younger sons, Fateh Singh and Zorawar Singh of Guru Gobind Singh and his mother were kept in confinement by Wazir Khan, the fort was known as `THANDA BURJ'. This place is considered a cool place during the summer. But it was a punishment for Guru's sons and his mother to keep them here in extreme winter. It was at this place that Mata Gujri collapsed on hearing the news of the martyrdom of her grandsons. Later on, Gurdwara Mata Gujri was constructed at this place.