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This page is part of the ongoing discussion & is expected to gradally evolve a set of mutually agreeable protocols for this & susequentGur Shabad Veechars on Sikhi to progress in a rational, objective & healthy Manner using least Number of words & unwanted expressions
SikhiWiki managers in particular & users in genral are requested to please Share their inteelect to the cause of SatGur Kee Seva


sb ty uttam gur shabad veechar........The best issue to invest ones' intellect is understanding the TRUTH (read GOD) blended in Shabad Guru i e 'Satgur Puura' (& not in intiating and sustaining socio-political controvercies & cofusing the gullible / ignorent scholars and masses alike,who out of reverence see GOD No where but SatGurBani literals )

The standard weapons used by FALSEHOOD initiators, sustainers & propogators, the world over are :-

  • AAviod the ISSUE
  • BBypass the ISSUE
  • CConfuse the ISSUE
  • DDelay the ISSUE
  • EEvade the ISSUE
  • FFox the ISSUE
  • GGo in Hiding
  • HHide the Facts

mitthat neevee nanka gun changiayan tatt.....'

bahuta nahin bolna....

Protocols for Gur Shabad Veechar

  • There must be an ISSUE.
  • The issue must be defined in least No of Words
  • Inputs from Humanity (read GOD) encompassing those calling themselves Sikhs and all non-Sikhs approving this Path be invited for each individual contention being a TRUTH(read GOD) or otherwise
  • A list of relevant facts be evolved throuh all inputs.

??????..(SikhiWiki Managers....?????) ??????...( Other Users.....????) ..... ..... ?????(SikhiWiki Managers Besides Hari Singhji & other users are requested to help further please.........) Set of Facts(TRUTHS) thus will lead us to TRUTHs

First Issue: Is the article '3HO' Anti Sikhi ?

Sub Issues

1.- Is yoga Anti Sikhi?

(b) Is 3HO Sikh run?

(c) Is Yoga in the Socio-political domain....?

... & in the context of it's being on Nirmol Gurmat Web Sire SikhiWiki, a member of the Set of activities of daily routines like Cycling, exercising etc...


Amrit Dharies



Sahajdhari Sikhs

Non Sikh guests are welcome!

3.>>>>>>YES Amrit Dharies

  • Kh Teja Singh ji
  • Kh Gurnaam singh

GurMukhs GurSikhs Sahajdharies

  • Sdr Baljeet Kaur
  • Kh Kakka15 ji
  • Amita Singh
  • Sdr Mohanjit Singh
  • Sdr Jatin Singh
  • GurSikh Kamal jeet Kaur
  • GurSikh Harkirat Pal Singh 9 Yrs
  • Sdr Anusha 9 yrs


(a) Baljeet Kaur for Sahaj dhari Group

  • What is the definition of the term yoga in the context of it's appearing on SikhiWiki 'Nirmol GurMat Web Site'?
  • Why is SikhiWiki a 'Niromol Web Site' whole heartedly supporting an organisation against which Internet web sites are crying for is not concentrating their resources on NAAM DAAN ISHNAAN on enablin

(kee 'TRUTH god'(read HUMANITY) SikhiWiki GurMat Specialists kolon yh jaan skda / skdi hyy.)

"....The group needs to be exposed . I was born in 3HO, . I didn't know I was in a cult.

"I once lived in a 3H0 ashram, but after a year realized that it was not the place for me. I recently heard about some of Yogi Bhajan's sexual scandals, I read with fascination the testimony of former followers. The scandals and sad stories do not come as a big surprise to me, as I had been aware of the power struggles and corruption years ago. I can hardly imagine wasting 20-25 years there, as many have."

"I am an ex-3HO member and got sucked into the group during the 1970s. People should know that 3HO businesses puts money Yogi Bhajan's pockets. Of the businesses I know about, two concern me, as they're retail based. They are Nanak's lip balms and Golden Temple products, such as Yogi Teas, Golden Temple teas and granola. These products have historically been carried in health food stores. Consumers should know where money is going......."

Second Issue: Do the SatGurBani Shabads quoated above mean 'SatGurBani' approves yoga?


  • Manmukh Harbhajan Singh yogi
  • All Members of 3HO.
  • Kh Hari Singhji
  • ???


SatGurMat Scholars

  • Sardaar Khushwant Singh ji
  • Kh Kakkaji15

Absolutly right

Great Mr./Ms/Mrs Mutia jee These guys are not preaching Sikh.ism, Khalsai way shown by 10th Nanak, these are absorbed by altooo faltooo practices. We may not be scholars but are simple, straight & Dare Devil natives of Gurus' native land here, when required to shoot we see nothing but bloody bleeding target. Our only strength is Khalsaiat and Sach da ih Rasta

Not only 3HO, others like radhaswami, nirankari, nirmala etc are fall under the same category, these all paraare sect these are not or wat u can say BUNYAADI. The bunyaad of all is SIKHISM, Guru Granth Sahib and some religons like hinduism, islam etc.

My freind is Radhaswami and he tried a lot me to take naam from radhaswami dera ferozpur i simly said to him "WEKH kaka main proper khalsa hai nahin but main radhaswamian da naam nahin lena".

I want to give u example of my freind who fall in love with radhaswami girl and for her he accepted that sect leaving khalsa way.

Tuadey dil inney kamzor ho chukey han

Tuadey bajurgan dae sanskaar innae khatam han.

Tusee apna base bhull gae ho, jis base nae hinduism kyaa islam wee bachai rakhea

Tuanoo khalsa banana pasand nahin.

Jae tusee sari kurahitaan doojae sect ch reh kae chadd sakdey ho taan khalsa way wich reh kae kyon nahin.

Kee khalsa tuanu sharaab peen nu, anda maas khaan nu kehnda.

Kae guru granth sahib tuanu khoon rape tae mandey kam karan nu kehnda

Tusee guru dae putt ghat Dere dae jeaada lagdey

Tusee lokan nae dhongi babean nu wadhwaa dittaa

Tusee lokan nae kurahitan failayian

Taanhi ajj eh palap rahey han sect and cults

3hoiaan, radhaswamian nae apnae deewanae jeada bane han, Guru sahib dae nahin.

Eh lok samjhdey ena dae concept jeada mahaa han, Guru granth mahaan nahin japdaa.

Actually eh apnae aap nu MODERN dasdey hann

Kee akhan wae soneaa kithey roree janda saada panth
Sab sikhan ko hukam hai Guru Maneo Granth 

Baljeet kaur jee sahijdhari karee jandey jaao yaar where is khalsa panth huh hor kee akhan main rabba nit khair manga insaano karam dee.........user:paapi

Non-Sikhs Who(expressed as 'Sahaj Dharies' in Gurbani Language are welcome) approve This ONLY Path(read Panth) to Sikhi

(....will work on the Shabads readers are requested to please wait)---Baljeet Kaur06:52 am Hydrabaad a