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Castes & Tribes
Classification {{{classification}}}
Subdivisions {{{subdivisions}}}
Significant populations in {{{populated_states}}}
Languages {{{languages}}}
Religions {{{religions}}}

Use of this template

This template can be used in article about Castes and Tribes of Sikh people. You will require the following information about the Caste or tribe to make the template most effective. The imortant information is:

  • caste name - Name of the Caste or tribe eg: Labana
  • classification - Is it a sect, caste, tribe, etc
  • subdivisions Are there any sub-divions with this group. If so, place the names here.
  • populated_states Where in the world can this group be found. Eg: Punjab and other parts of India
  • languages Name of the languages that the group generally uses. Eg: Lubanki, Punjabi, Hindi and its dialects
  • religions - Name the religions practiced by the group. Eg: Sikhism, Hinduism & Islam}}

How to use this template

Copy the template shown below and paste in to your article page. Then fill in the data items after the "=" (equal sign).

{{infobox caste
|caste_name = 
|classification = 
|populated_states =  
|languages =  
|religions =