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".....first be truthfulness, second live honestly, and third be charitable in the Name of God" (SGGS p 141)

Once Guru Nanak Dev stayed with Bhai Lalo ( a devotee) when he began his preaching missions, called the {{udasis]]. Bhai Lalo was a carpenter who earned his living honestly by working hard all day.

The local village official was a corrupt person. He was known as Malik Bhago. One day he invited every resident of the village to a feast, so he could enhance his image with the local people.

Guru Nanak Dev declined to go to the feast. Special messengers were sent to bring the Guru. Bhago offered delicious food to the Guru and in response to his offer, waited for good words from him but Guru Nanak Dev, rather than blessing Malik Bhago declined to accept any food from him. ....More