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Sikh family visiting a Gurdwara

In India before the advent of Guru Nanak, the life of the ascetic or recluse was regarded as the best way to connect to God.

However, Guru Nanak changed that by saying that the life of the householder - the "spiritual path of the householder" or "Grist Marg" was the preferred route to attain the highest level of spirituality in this era of Kaljug.

Guru Nanak taught that the ideal householder's life is spent in selflessly carrying out one's duties to family and society while at all times remembering God and serving His saints; engaged in gainful labour one is to nurture ones family; take care of the local community and protect the weak.

Sikhism is a monotheistic faith, which teaches that there is only one God; that is not subject to time or space; that is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the Universe and everything in it.

Moreover in Sikhism, ethics vales and religion go hand in hand. The inculcation of moral qualities and the practice of virtue in everyday life is a vital step towards spiritual development. .....More