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The manuscript of the Sikh Gurus' hymns contained in the Guru Granth Sahib were handed down by Guru Nanak to Guru Angad: by Guru Angad to Guru Amardas and by Guru Amardas to Guru Ramdas.

Guru Amardas compiled the first Granth (book) of the hymns. Guru Arjan Dev compiled the first edition of the Granth, called the Adi Granth. He started the preparation of the Granth in August, 1601, and completed it 3 years later in August, 1604.

The scribe of the Granth was Bhai Gurdas, an uncle of Guru Arjan. The place of compilation of the Granth is Ramsar (Amritsar). Guru Gobind Singh compiled the second edition of the Granth in 1706 at Damdama Sahib near Bhatinda, Punjab. The scribe was Bhai Mani Singh, a classmate of Guru Gobind Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh bestowed upon the Granth the Guruship at Nanded in 1708. Munshi Sant Singh, author of the Sikh history, composed the most popular verse in 1865 which a Sikh recites daily after his prayer. "All community should recognize Guru Granth as the Guru. All obey the commandments contained therein. Recognize the Granth as the visible body of the Guru. The Sikh who wishes to meet me should find me there."

Praise for the Guru has been part of Sikh history since the time of the first Guru. The Gurus did not praise themselves. They called themselves "humble servants of God" and worked in the service of mankind. .....More