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Sirhind the town located in Punjab India, which was the unfortunate witness to the the martyrdom of the two younger sons or chotta sahibzada of Guru Gobind Singh in 1704. Wazir Khan, the Governor of Sirhind, had vowed to finish off the Sikhs root and branch.

The two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh, Baba Zorawar Singh who was age 9 years and Baba Fateh Singh who was aged 6 years, were bricked alive on Wazir Khan's orders when the sahibzade had refused to embrace Islam in 1704 at this unfortunate city. The Sikhs were keen to avenge the killings of such young lives by such a evil tyrant and an oppressor of the people of India. Thankfully, some 6 years later, on May 27, 1710, Banda Singh Bahadur announced to the city of Sirhind the end of the tyrannical Mughal rule.

It was 2 years earlier, in 1708, that a chance meeting took place between Lachman Das, later known as Banda Singh Bahadar and Guru Gobind Singh, on the banks of the Godavari River. The Guru sent Banda Bahadur to Punjab to suppress the tyranny of the then rulers and punish Wazir Khan. In October, 1708, Banda set off from Nanded towards Punjab along with a band of 5 Sikhs and a hukamnama, which enjoined upon the Sikhs to assemble under his banner. As Banda reached Delhi, thousands had gathered under his command. .....More