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# Akhan jor chupy nahin jor .....

# Nanak Speakes the unspoken TRUTH...


  • Mutia has just worded, formatted and linked with hapenings on Date.
  • Things are real bad in India. Had it not been forom TRUTH Crafter's pen Mutia would have been no more.
  • There are links going out of SikhiWiki from this page.
  • It is all TRUTH god's doing. Not Mutia's. Khalsa is Dare Devil and cares.

Khalsa makes SatGurBani, SatGurBani makes Khalsa User: Mutia

15 Feb 07

Khalsa lives no where but in SatGurBani

Bani Guru...Guru hai SatGur wich Bani amrit Sary...

GurBani is a LANGUAGE. User: Mutia

16 Feb 07

  • Strongly recommended that All articles of this Bramanic hue may please be taken off from this Gurmat site.
  • KHALSA Scholars listining these cries of this lowest of the lowly ???

User:Mutia25 dec 06

Gurmat say ghar ghar wase dharamshaal, so no need of smadhis etc. naam japo keerat karo te rukhi suki khaa ke thanda paani peo wekh parai chopri na tarsaye jeeo user:paapi

Jo Boly So Nihaal !

  • one becomes Khalsa by becoming TRUTHFUL.
  • Being TRUTHFUL is the only gift that is acknowledged by SatGurBani
  • That is the only route to become a KHALSA.
  • No other qualifications required.
    • ...TRUTHFUL to HUMANITY for HUMANITY while staying in HUMANITY....
    • ...HUMANITY is the only religion of HUMANITY.
    • ...Any body arguing about These lines belongs to the realm of [[FALSEHOOD}}
    • HUMANITY lives in HUMANITY.

TRUTH god 16 Feb 07

Please provide Gurbani support for these statements. I also ask you to consider and explain why our Guru say the following then: (see Search for 'yoga' on Srigranth)

  • Perfect is the penance; perfect is the Raja Yoga, the Yoga of meditation and success. ||2|| (SGGS page 188)

(SGGS page 188)

  • pUrw Perfect mwrgu is the path
  • pUrw perfect iesnwnu ] is introspection
  • sBu EveryikCu thing pUrw is perfect ihrdY
  • if in heart, nwmu is SatGurBani1]
  • pUrI Perfect rhI it(houour) stayed, jw
  • only when pUrY .Truth Crafter preserved it
  • pwrbRhm Truth Crafter kI ’s srix Sanctuary jn
  • those who qwkI sought]1]

(Nanak himself is the TRUTH Crafter here writing this Shabad)]

rhwau ]

  • (O Sikh ! Pause here,....... ponder over & assimilate the quinescence of this Commandment deep in your heart.
  • Learn it through japu(rote) for it to become intuitive when you are communicating with other GurSikhs in your daily work schedule. Futher reading of the amplification of this theme is optional]
  • However, when you are in doubt or you have to teach sahaj Dharies (new ones, who may reqire further explanation, read on )

  • The disease of your ego shall be eradicated. By Guru's Grace, practice Raja Yoga, the Yoga of meditation and success. ||1|| (p211)
  • Guru Raam Daas was blessed with the Throne of Raja Yoga. (p1399) --Hari Singh 17:34, 14 February 2007 (MST)