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Thematic Diff between Mool Mantar & Gur Mantar ?

term 'Waheguru' appears in SGGS how many times & where ?

What is the Diff bet Guru & GOD ?

What is the TRUE name of GOD ?

What is the TRUE name of GURU ?

"TRUTH is GOD". Who (Indian. Socially not a Sikh) said ?

Maan Yog Guru Roop Sadh Sangat ! WKWF This is not a quiz. This is SikhiWiki way of saying that we sikhs must meet on one platfom ie SHABAD GURU and stay there beyond eternity.

Feel free to write freely whatever GOD blesses you with.There are no rules except ONE. Every Akhar, lag, kanna, tuk,& pangti you pen must be dedicated to no one but GOD &/or GURU.

We at SikhiWiki plan to covert every word into Universally Sharable TRUE IDEAs. WKKWF

Amita Singh 10 Nov 05

.. The word 'Waheguru' liertally means the "Wonderful Lord"..

User: Mutia begs to differ.

  • 1 . Going by the overall spirit of Gurbani, a more appropriate understanding that appears to me is ;-

..The word 'Waheguru' liertally means ( 'Wah+Guru' ie "Wonderful Guru")...

  • 2 . As per Sikh belief 'Satgur'( in short 'Gur' meaning 'Shabads' in SGGS) is Guru.
  • 4 . Granting the change in social dilects, region & cultural chages in any language over the period of time, in today's context the term 'Waheguru' need to be understood to be finally meaning '( Wonderful Humanaterian concepts/IDEAs which are universally TRUE. Ideas based on nothing, but TRUTHs.
  • 5 . Through out Gurbani, Terms GOD or LORD etc are expected to be meaning Lord TRUTH( Thy True Name ).
  • 6 . Terms Guru, Gur, Satgur, Shabad are expected to be meaning 'Holy Concepts'('Gurmat in short')blessed upon Humanity by Lord TRUTH & accounted for in SGGS.

User: MutiaDelhi, 14 Dec 05