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Daily Langar Sewa at Sachkhand Train

Daily Langar Sewa at Sachkhand Train (12715Dn) running from Hazoor Sahib Nanded to Amritsar sahib....

At Khandwa Station At 8:45 pm Daily..

For more information Visit our Site... construction)

and visit us on facebook...


I request Every one to take langar..

why is hazoor sahib a takhat

why is hazoor sahib a takhat? i don`t have anything aganist it but, i just want to no the reason. so if u no help me then

hope u will answer this øuestion it is a request

Hazoor Sahib is an important shrine for the Sikhs for various reasons - the most important being:

This is where Guru Gobind Singh

  • - passed the Guruship to the SGGS here.
  • - ascended to his heavenly abode.
  • - ended the chain of "Human" Guruships, etc, etc.
  • - was for the first time attacked by assassins.

For these reasons the Gurdwara and locality is considered very important to Sikhs and is therefore designated a Takhat, one of five.

I hope this helps, --Hari Singh 17:49, 15 November 2006 (MST)


I usually remove AD from articles, scholars realizing that Jesus is not as important in other religions as to Christianity are now using CE (current era) and bc (before current era). As Sikh (ism) began with Guru Nanak in the 1400s i usually leave out the unneeded ADAllenwalla 11:40, 19 October 2007 (EDT)

people assume 'ism' is an english word where it usually is generally used in a derogatory or fanatical (negative) sense, as in: colonialism, nazism, fanaticism.

i therefore prefer not to use Sikh and ism together as a word. Though ism derives from a glorius source it has fallen to the same neg. connotation as the 'Suvas tika' has in the west. So i usually change Sikhism when i come across it in articles.