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Flawlessly TRUE Thought

  • We need to promote Sikhism as a green race. Articles like this need to be written oftner.Humanity needs more brains to work on bibber problems rather than that of the Ram Raheem & 3HO brands !

NAAM ISHNAAN :What are WE doing Now ?????

They Did,... Glory to Them!!!

  • ..The Khalsa have opposed any force that has threatened the freedom and dignity of human beings.
  • In the eighteenth century it was the oppressive rulers of northern India, and invaders from Afghanistan;
  • in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries they have struggled against oppression by European colonists and Indian governments. For the Khalsa, justice requires the participation and inclusion of all in obtaining and enjoying the fruits of God’s creation. Justice achieved through cooperative effort is desirable. The ideal for...

What do we Plan Doing Ahead ???

When ?? How ?? Who cooperate with ??

Kiv Sachiara Hoviy ?? Every Thing belongs to TRUTH god (do we believe that ??

Then What return gift should we reciprocate with ??

Jo Boly So Nihal !!

WaKaFa ! SatGurBani] Fateh

User:Mutia 18 Mar 07

Correction Recomended

  • Khalsa myroo ruup hai khaas.......-10thNanak
    • ...may be straight & simple(soaked in SatGurBani cultue hue) as "pyhlan(first comes) pangat phyr (then only one must join ) sangat"

Following logic seem to fit in here..

  • jo prbh ko milbo chahy Khoj Shabad my leh --10thNanak
    • Statement "raam naam SAT Hai(RAAM is TRUTH god)" socio-politically FALSE.......(raam died long back & it is an artificial Name .......--SatGurBani}
    • ........where as the Statement "SAT (god) ka naam logon ny raam bna diya hai( RAAM was there) "........ is TRUE

User:Mutia 19 Mar07