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Thinking !!

  • Expression 'Sat Shiri Akal Moort' evolved from mool Mantar, wherein the term 'Shiri' appear to have got injected over a period of time from Hindu / vedic / socio politically regulated cultural environment in India.

WoMan is God on earth. --SatGurBani

''Sift Salah of God is the Spirit of SatGurBani.

  • Two TRUE Sikh. meeting and exchaging the expression as salutation thus means & implies....

" Sir I am thrilled to have come accross you. You are Sat Shiri Akal Moorat (an IDOL of TRUTH (god))"

--User:Mutia--Mutia 10:35, 6 August 2007 (EDT)

Sat Sri Akal punjabi spelling

Wikipedia places the sihari for the word 'Sat' in punjabi in a different place. Are we sure its even a sihari? Please check punjabi spelling