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Understanding Dharam Khand

  • Drm K.d ka e'ho Drm

Literal Translation Word by Word :

  • Drm faith' K.d realam ka of e'ho so far upto this writing Drmu My faith

Literal Translation not sequenced:

  • Faith realam of: so far upto this writing my faith


As per my faith text written so far(from paure 1 to paure 34) encompasses the 'Realam of Faith' (Drm/ Guru/ Route to Truth/ Path of Panth)

Understanding Gian Khand

gian K.d ka aaKhu krmu

  • gian knowledge K.d realam ka of aaKhu narating now krmu the activities therein
  • Knowledge Realam of: stating now, activities therein.

Starting from now (spaning over pauri 35) ,I narate the realam of gian K.d (Journalism) & activities there in.

11 May08 Delhi, User:Mutia

Understanding Saram Khand

srm K.d ke baxe rUp, 3i#" Gaw3i Gwea" bhu3 anUp.

  • srm Hard Work K.d realam ke of baxe profile rUp beauty
  • Hard work, realam of: profile Beauty

GurbaxI language Term 'srm's' Hindi equvalent is 'shrum' meaning hard work (pronounces like english word 'drum')

Profile of the Realam of Hard Work' (complete pauri 36). encompasses Beauty