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All the information seems to be put with mischievous intentions. Or it "does" make over proud-ness sense. Even the title "Nanaksaria" is a disrespect. a lot more to point out in the topic. and why is sikhiwiki maintaining "Sects" category etc?? It's already clear sikhism condemns sect and human categorization. to whoever did, if u still dont feel like, keep it limited to yourself and try to represent sikhism the way it is. sorry for my immature talk :( may waheguru bless us all

This is reality!

Although Sikhism does not encourage discrimination based on different sects or different races, unfortunately they do exist and so to learn about them we have these articles. I do not think that Maharaj says we should not have different races or sects but that we should not discriminate people of different sects or races or locations, etc.

Many thanks for your comments. It will be interesting to know what has been put with "mischievous intentions". The title Nanaksaria is like Ramgaria - I cannot see the "disrespect" in this - What would you call the followers of the Nanaksar Sant in punjabi? Please may you always Keep in chadikala, Hari Singh 13:46, 18 March 2007 (MDT)

I just waana say

If we want to delete these things from sikhiwiki then we also have to delete the other articles related to britishers, mughals etc. these articles are added here just of reason that all the persons who falls in these sects are consideed as sikhs.


  • Khalsa WAS, HAD BEEN, IS here & NOW, WILL ever remain Flawless.
  • Let SikhiWiki be Flawless & get identified with NOTHING but Universal Khalsa, Universal SatGurBani, Universal TRUTH god, Universal Pentagon of Daya, Dharam ,Himmat, Mohkamiat & Royality founded on NOTHING but the triangle of NAAM JAAN(hai), NAAM DAAN, NAAM ISHNAAN.
  • ONE has to declare himself in PUBLIC' as ;Gur SatGur Ka jo...than only he becomes a Sikh.


  • GurSukh(Punjabi Term meanig One who resolves & Committs himself) One who publically bows before SatGurBani in a GurDwara (SikhiWiki is a GurDwara) publically declares himself a GurSukh(Commited to nothing but SatGurBani).

Sab Kushh apy aap --SatGurBani Sai Bhang (Self Made) in Mool Mantar--SatGurBani

  • Khalsa is SELF MADE IDOL of TRUTH god.

KIV SACHIARA Hoviy????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Amrit Vela Sach naun Vadiai Veechar is the only ONEqulification that defines a Sikh nay! I dare say Sikhism. All other differentiated, direct/ indirect / implied / have no place in Sikhi & SatGurBani the ONLY god of HUMANITY who's company can be shared Through SatGurBani.

  • GurSikh One who crosses 4th Step of japuji, administers 'Amrit Vela' to his OwnSelf & declares himself As Such gets baptised as GurSikh and Joins the order of Khalsa.
  • Subsequently Sikh Society may formalise his declaration by publically honouring him with Khandy Batty Da Amrit.
  • Khalsa Crafts TRUTHs(TRUE IDEAs) as IDOL of TRUTH god & shares with the Universe.
  • HIDING & Hiding behind dogmatic interpretations IT environment and projecting Black as whit is FALSEHOOD.(it is impossible)

Strongly recommended

  • publication of Email address on user pages be the mandatory requirement for a user to get defined as such.
  • Name of the User initiating a new page be part of the page Title as a Sikhi(Wiki) policy dedicated to Khalsa Panth. Some thing like......

.....Article's Nameby Sikh ABC Singh

  • I am sure not a big thing for Sys Mangers to engineer the details of the associated protocols & Rules etc.
  • Let Absolute & FLAWLESS transparency be the only strength of us Sikhs.

SatGurBani Fateh ! & WaKaFa

User:Mutia 20 Mar 07