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Few questions regarding bestowing Guruship/Gurgaddi to Baba Ram Singh :

1. Guru Gobind Singh Ji left this material world in 1708. There is a gap of around 200 years between 1708 and Guruship to Baba Ram Singh Ji. Why should anyone believe it?

2. If at all Gurgaddi was bestowed to Baba Ram Singh Ji, why was it done so secretly?

3. What explanation anyone have for the guptwaas of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, if the version of Namdhari's that Guru Ji did not left for His heavenly abode in 1708.

I think one of the important guidelines for SikhiWiki should be to maintain objectivity, though space should be allowed for mention of the above by quoting sources. Maybe the SikhiWiki administrators can shed more light on this.

Baba Ram Singh is infact the second Guru of the Namdharis, but is the most popularly known, and the one who formalised the sect. The first was Baba Balak Singh. Namdhari history states that Guru Gobind Singh lived up to the age of approx.140 (I'm recalling from memory). The Namdharis point towards the Sau Sakhi as proof of their statements, backed up by the Panth Parkash (which is also embroiled in a controversy of its own) . One cannot deny the efforts of Baba Ram Singh and his followers in the freedom of India movement; he essentially did what Gandhi did but 50 years earlier.

Hopefully will be able to put up some articles on the Namdhari movement, I'm currently trying to track down a publication of Baba Ram Singh's Jail letters in which he states that he realises that he is not the Guru (publication is referred to by Khushwant Singh in 'A History of the Sikh People'). --Navroop Singh 02:53, 8 Apr 2005 (Pacific Daylight Time)

jb lg Kalsa rhy niaara 3b lg 3yj 2eo hyy sara

  • As long as Khalsa. maintains due distance from irrational people, all the strength of Lord TRUTh belongs to Khalsa.
  • sak3 s.g na not associate with irrational people.
  • mUrKy nal na not get entangled with stupid people.

--One 14:37, 15 September 2008 (UTC)