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One user's opinion

The Shajdhari concept is generated by some false people. Sahajdhari is nothing in sikh, sikh is sikh, we cant categorize it. Sikh means shishya. Shishya of gurus and sishya always follows the guru. Guru is the spiritual teacher of sikh the spiritual father of sikh and sikh should follow him. Mona sardar is also a term as sahajdhari is and both should be kicked from the religion.

User (Lucky 07:52, 25 July 2008 (UTC))

Hahahaha......yes those comments were wrote by me when i was frustated i also thought to remove it today but before that you raised some queries.

This is what sikhism got in these 300 Years.....Amritdhari to Sahajdhari? hahahaha. So know everybuddy is trimming their beard and cutting hair and call themselves sahajdhari.....LOL. So i was against these type of people.

It feels like a person has killed another person and start praying to god that o lord please forgive me and god forgive him he again kills other and pray the same.

Keshdhari Converted to sehajdhari, remember not for guru but for world, want to become yankee girls faishon etc etc etc. This glamour world faishon world is not allowing sikh childern to grow as amritdhari or keshdhari but today every kid cut their hair because: Girls do not like it, i looks yakee without hair, in my company nobuddy have beared or wwear turban.

So those lines were for those but i put them at wrong side. Sorry (Lucky 07:52, 25 July 2008 (UTC))

I endorse Harpreet's views. There is no term of sehajdhari or mona sikh in sikhi, sikh is a sikh. Intially sahejdhari was used for who is converting to sikhism slowly slowly as sehaj means slowly. Mona is used nowadays who dont want to keep unshorn hair.


what is yakee?

stylish type, cut hair use gel and specs on face, jeans of 1$ and have feeling of 100$ Jeans. Specs of local company and feel like rayban etc on standard bullet bike and feel of harley davidson.

Nearly 5 Lac sikhs resides in Jammu Kashmir but all are sikh,here people dont know wat is mona sikh as no one cuts hair. Guru di apar bakshish hai Jammu Kashmir de sikhs te. user:sarbjeet_1313me