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Term 'Gurbilas' ?

What is the formal meaning of this term in the following expression appearing at the end of the article.

"1. Kuir Singh, Gurbilas Patshahl 10. Patiala, 1968"

To my understanding it appears to be Gurmukhi version of the Hindi term 'vilas' refering to 'Luxurious & Sinful Life Style'. Any thing better known to any GurMattia (TRUTHful Human being) Sajjan.

Look forward to the author or a GurMat Scholar to help please !

User:Mutia 10 Jan 07

Any Comments Any One There ????

.....Koer Singh who wrote Gur-Bilas Patshai Dasmi in 1751, 43 years after the demise of Guru Gobind Singh. He was a Vaishnav Hindu – Bishan Chand. He admits that he was a Sikh only by name. He invented a myth that before the creation of the Khalsa Guru Gobind Singh worshipped mythical Hindu goddess Durga and that he was blessed by other mythical gods and goddesses of the Hindus. He propagated that all Gurus of the Sikhs were in fact, avtars – incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This is pure blasphemy as we know from the study of Gurbani. He did not stop short there. He wrote a ballad (vaar) in praise of Guru Gobind Singh under the pen name Bhai Gurdas Singh and had it added as vaar 41 of Bhai Gurdas who was contemporary of the Sikh Gurus (from third to sixth Guru). This vaar 41 mislead the Sikhs in believing that Khalsa was created by Guru Gobind Singh to put an end to the religion of Prophet Mohammed. This goes against the basic principles of the Sikh Gurus (ref: Pauri 16 and 17). Another mischievous attempt to subvert the Sikh doctrine was made by a Brahmin who was a ‘Sikh’ in name only. Kesar Singh Chhibbar wrote Bansawali nama (family......

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User:Mutia10 Jan 07