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  • SikhiWiki is humbly requested to do some thing to Ganesha and his anatomy !
  • System need to demand Email ID of new comers before the top story gets published by default.
  • I am no way an 'IT being' but vaugely, I may decide to get a hunch that the system for sure need to be intelliget enough to even check the existence of the ID provided by the incoming ganeshas.
  • If There is no solution, invoking 'TRUTH god' is not a bad Idea.
  • I am Sure SikhiWiki IT system is Slave to SikhiWiki!!

User: Mutia 5 Mar 07

Wel User mutia sir i hadnt created this article this is created by some dumb guys who started entrieng the abusive words to articles and i just delete their word.

Sikhiwiki should provide the users like Me, Mutia, Lucky, guglani and some more as a moderators so they can control these kind of articles. Or delete the wrongly made articles. I dont know wat the Department of sikhiwiki is doing.

Well i know this is area where user can share anything but main thing is that can he share abusive or disturb any article using abusive wordings.

Sikhiwiki Team please control all this.

User:paapi 6 Mar 07