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Found on [1] which describes the dance as a harvest dance mostly performed by women. Giving a different meaning for the name Jhumar dance: This dance is performed exclusively by women. It takes its name from Jhumar, an ornament commonly worn on the forehead by young married women. The dance is performed to the beats of dholak and thali.

The site has many other dances listed, the Dawn e-paper had the following headline which got me to the site above - DERA GHAZI KHAN, March 20: Police have banned Dhamal (a type mystic dance) at the shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Syed Ahmed after ‘ex tremists’ threatened a suicide attack on the devotees doing so. Allenwalla 07:33, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

While the Pathans at Bassi Kalan may have been dancing, the 'talib' types of PAK don't seem to want anyone dancing these days.