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More surnames to be added

Sodhi, Basaati, Sain, Waddan, Sani, Duchha, Sainch, Balham, Gadhi, Bhatti, Jhangher, Buttar, Langrial/Langryal, Sinsinwar

To be added

  • The Scythians and sometimes also referred to as the Pontic Scythians, were an ancient Eastern Iranian equestrian nomadic people who had migrated from Central Asia to Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India, Ukraine and Southern Russia from approximately the 7th century BC until the 3rd century BC. They are different from Aryan race.Jats are one of the Scythian clans.
  • Jats were Called Chandal in Past times. Which meant they were out of the Varna System and that they were lower than the Shudras and were Considered Untouchables.

But Guru Gobind Singh ji Changed all that by Give Sikhs a Sovereignty. While majority Sikhs were Jatts.

"Inn Gareeb Sikhan Ko Dai Hoon Paatshaahi, Yeh Yaad Karrain Hamaree Guryaaill

Jinaki Jaat Gaut Kul Naahi, Sardaari Bhee Naahi Kadaahill

Unhi Kao Sardaar Banaoon, Tabbai Gobind Singh Naam Kahaoon||

Ab Mai Chandi Paath Padhwaoon, In Hi Te Turkan Marwaoon,

Lughu Chiddian Te Baaz Tudaoo Tabbai Gobind Singh Naam Kahaoon..."

"I bestow sovereignty to the humble Sikhs so as they may recount my Guruship..

Those who have no standing, no worth- no sardari.. I shall make them Sardars-only then will I refer myself as Gobind Singh..

I will make them recite the Chandi paath (chandi di var: Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji)..

I will make them destroy the Turks (invading Islamists)..

And have sparrows hunt down hawks- only then will I refer myself as Gobind Singh."

-Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji