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Khalsa ji WaKaFa!

1.Name of this page appears a bit cofusing. In roman English( A style wherein English chararcters are used to write Hindi (may be even punjabi) language. In India, at isolated places, it is popular even today). Here it gets better wriien as 'janeu' or Janeou (older page).

2. 'jne*' part is pronounced like 'play' and '*u' like 'ew' in 'New'.

3. Submitted as feed back & look forward to sharing of thoughts with Sikh.s

Satgurbani f3'h

--One 10:03, 30 July 2008 (UTC)-

Rakhi story similar

Is this story quite similar the attitude that Guru Nanak had in view of Rakhia (the ceremony of sisters tying string around their brothers wrist for his long life) in which Guru Nanak was against. Many Sikhs still practice Rakhia but I have not seen or heard that practice Janoy. It is interesting how some Hindu traditions have stayed within the population and others have disappeared.