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(Reference to Sandy's Travel)

The article refers to one Harpal Singh Kasoor (Historian), and a book titled Sandy's Travels - Page 97. The given page of the book has no mention of an Indian Saint's travel to Mecca. I have a copy of the book and would be happy to share with other interested members who would want to go through the book to find the page with the reference information.

Hence I suggest that we remove the reference for now.


This is an ongoing conversation re. Guru Nanak in Mecca. Participants have failed to add (==new entry==) titles - adding things out of order. This makes for a jumbled mess, additionally people have not signed their names with the four tildes that automatically adds the time and date.

Generally one only corrects ones own additions (spelling, ect. or revisions. I Allenwalla 15:49, 19 April 2010 (UTC) have accidentally made corrections not understanding this was a talk page.

So that the thread can be followed - PLEASE - start a new entry by typing ==(your title/re. your subject)==. This will allow anyone to follow this in order.

(Otherwise making sense of this page is like heading west from Lahore - to get to Amritsar. A very long trip!

Page - in no particular order.

From Facebook: Syed Qasim Ali (Jamaica) wrote at 00:06 on 07 December 2008 - He possessed and wore a shawl/ chola with Quranic verses

Some fanatic Muslims are enforcing this false statement on young innocent youths to misguide them. To clear their doubt, Guru Nanak Dev was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. He was a messenger of God and his spiritual mission was based on the equality of mankind. After disappearing for three day he emerged back and proclaimed that there was no Hindu, no Muslamaan. He explained to the religious leaders that both were the children of God; they were brothers and sisters. The Guru recited:

The entire humanity has originated from the same divine light, so how can there be divisions of good and bad, higher or lower amongst his creatures. (GGS, p1349)

For his godly qualities Guru Nanak Dev is highly respected by both Hindu and Muslims. He is held in high esteem, today he is remembered world-wide by millions. He is called ‘Satguru’ by the Hindu devotees and ‘Hazrat Nanak Shah’ by the Muslim devotees. It is popularly said about Guru Nanak Dev:

“Guru Nanak Shah Fakir, Hindu ka Guru, Musalmaan ka Pir”

A cloak with Kalima written on it was merely a gift presented to him by one of his Muslim friends who had devoutedly written these hymns on the Cloak. Possession of such piece of cloth does not make Guru Nanak a Muslim. Such offerings were not given only to Guru Nanak Dev but also to the later Gurus who accepted them gratefully. In history, many examples can be drawn where gifts were exchanged between Sikh Gurus and Muslim divines and devotees.

An awning and a Chauri was offered by a Muslim is still preserved at Golden Temple as a token of love. Guru Hargobind, the sixth Guru funded the building of a mosque Hargobindpur for his Muslim followers at his own expense. Guru Arjan Dev was a great friend of Mian Mir, a Muslim Saint to whom he asked to lay the foundation stone of Harimandar Sahib. Guru Arjan Dev presented to him a copy of ‘Sukhmani Sahib’ who later sent it to Ajmer Sharif. The Guru was sent back a turban and Rs. 500 by Sajda Nasheen of Ajmer as a token of respect. Whenever Guru Hargobind visited Lahore he stayed at Mazang at Lahore and would not return to Amritsar without meeting Mian Mir. Pir Budh Shah, a Muslim devotee of Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his four sons for the Guru. The Guru wished to give him something in return but Pir Budh Shah, with utter humility asked for the Guru’s comb and hair. These relics are still kept safely with the descendants of Budh Pir in Pakistan. Recently, a Muslim scholar, named Ilyas Ghumman visited the U.K. from Pakistan who has done a lot of research on Sikhism and the Gurdwaras in Pakistan. He was duly respected and invited to speak on radio and the stages in Gurdwaras. As a token of respect he was given Siropao which he cheerfully accepted. Does it make him a Sikh? At my personal visit to Pakistan on Gurdham Yatra, I was respected as a scholar and was presented with a copy of Quran wrapped in beautiful red clothes. A copy of Quran is an addition in my library which I use for my references. Its possession has not converted me into Islam. The above examples clarify that Guru Nanak Dev was not a Muslim.

- He carried a copy of the Quran

Guru Nanak Dev was a messenger of God and was commissioned to preach the divine verses to save humanity at large. During his missionary tours, he had revelation of the divine verses. For this reason, he carried a notebook under his arm to record his message so no one could distort it later. He not only recorded his message but he collected the writings of some Hindu and Muslim Saints too. The note book was passed down to the succeeding Gurus ensuring that authentic message was preserved. With due respect, Guru Nanak Dev kept it covered with clean clothes which, by Muslims, was assumed a copy of Quran. The book was later called guru har Sahai Pothi. Bhai Gurdas, a great scholar and the scribe of the Adi Granth affirms Guru Nanak Dev carrying the book:

Guru Nanak Dev visited Mecca; he carried a book under his arm, a water pot and a prayer carpet for the call of prayer. (Bhai Gurdas, Varaan, Var 1, Pauri 32)

- He wore clothes like a Muslim

It was at Mecca that Guru Nanak Dev had to wear Muslim clothes to disguise himself as a Muslim priest. Mecca is the Muslim pilgrimage which is open to Muslims only. In order to gain entry at Kaaba, Mecca, to preach the divine doctrines Guru Nanak Dev had to dress up like a Muslim priest.

- He went to Mecca on Pilgrimage

Guru Nanak Dev visited many places outside India during his missionary tours (Udaasi) to preach the divine doctrines and Mecca is one of them. The objective of his visit has been manipulated by Muslims who connect his visit to Mecca with Hajj (the Muslim pilgrimage). Sikhs totally disagree with the Muslim views as the philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev rejects the ritualistic practices. The Guru recited:

I do not make pilgrimages to Mecca, nor do I worship at Hindu sacred shrines.I serve the One Lord, and not any other. ||2||I do not perform Hindu worship services, nor do I offer the Muslim prayers.I have taken the One Formless Lord into my heart; I humbly worship Him there. (GGS, p1136)

Guru Nanak Dev was against futile rituals of visiting the pilgrimages. It is evident from the verses of Guru Nanak Dev that he did not make it mandatory to make a pilgrim to Mecca for any of the subsequent Gurus. If Guru Nanak Dev favoured Islam as his religion then surely he would have insisted and encouraged others to visit the same pilgrimage.

The Sikh Gurus declared that it is futile to visit the pilgrimages when God can be realised in your home-heart. Guru Nanak Dev was against futile rituals of visiting the pilgrimages instead he declared that Naam is higher than visiting 68 pilgrimages. Some evidences are given from Guru Granth Sahib for clarification:

Bathe at the sacred shrine of Truth, and sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.Reflect upon the essence of reality, and lovingly focus your consciousness on the Lord.(GGS, p1030)

The Lord's Name is the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage, and the Eradicator of sins.(GGS, p1009)

Bathing at sacred shrines of pilgrimage, filth is not washed off.Religious rituals are all just egotistical displays. (GGS, p890)

This proves that Guru Nanak Dev did not visit Mecca to pay homage instead his objective was to enlighten people and show them the right path. As visitors, Guru Nanak Dev and Mardana stayed in the city, Mecca where there is no restriction on non-Muslim to stay. The restriction only applies to visit the Kaaba. Mullahs were of the view that God resides in the West towards Kaaba and loves only Muslims. To disprove the fact, at night, he lay down to sleep with his feet facing towards Kaaba. One of the Mullahs (priests) called him a Kafir (non-believer) and asked him, “Why are you sleeping with your feet facing towards Kaaba, the House of Allah?” Guru Nanak Dev politely said, “Turn my feet in the direction in which Allah does not exist”. The Mullah angrily dragged his feet in the opposite direction, and saw the Kaaba moving along with his feet, so that the Guru’s feet were still facing towards it.

The Qazis and the Mullas crowded round the Guru and asked whether he was a Muslim or a Hindu? The Guru replied that he was neither of the two. Then they asked,” Who is the superior of the two, the Hindu or the Muslim?" The Guru replied,” Without good deeds, both will repent. The superiority lies in deeds and not in mere creeds." The chief priest was a seeker of the Truth and the incident opened his spiritual eyes as he could see God in every direction. He asked for Guru's blessings. The Guru preached him the doctrine of Naam. He then gave him instructions to the priest in the art of true living, to practice to live in His presence day and night and to glorify the Lord and thereby to rub out the dirt of sins from the tablet of the mind. The Mullah requested Guru Nanak Dev to leave something of his and the Guru left his slippers behind. The priest kept his slippers inside Mecca until he was retired. He took them with him back to his village where they still are preserved with his descendants.

- When his grave was opened they found a copy of the Quran

Who were they who found the copy of a Quran ? Who opened the grave? It is a rumour created by some fanatic Muslims. Firstly, Sikhism is against making graves and tombs of the dead ones. As final rites, the dead bodies are usually cremated or if this cannot be arranged for some reason, then the body may be immersed in the floating water but it never be buried in a grave.

Guru Nanak Dev left for Sachkhand (the House of God) on 27 September 1539 at the age of 70 at Kartarpur. Knowing that his end was drawing near, he called his followers and asked them to recite the Path of Kirtan Sohila. A quarrel arose between the Hindus and Muslims over his last rites as he was equally loved by both. The former desired to cremate his body and the latter wished to bury it. The Guru told them to place flowers on each side, Hindu on the right and Muslims on the left. It was decided that whoever’s flowers remained fresh would have their way. The Guru then covered himself with a white sheet and went to sleep. The next morning when the sheet was removed nothing was found except flowers. To satisfy both his followers, Hindu and Muslims, as to the funeral rites, he did not leave his body behind and therefore prevented any further quarrelling with regard to the funeral rites. The Hindus and the Muslims, however, divided the sheet and the flowers into half. The former cremated their share and the latter buried theirs. Gurdwara Darbar Sahib now stands at this site. At the entrance of the Gurdwara stands a Kabar (grave) built by Muslims; on the left there is a room where the Hindus built a Samadhi (tomb) of Guru Nanak Dev; and on the first floor is installed the Bir of the holy Guru Granth Sahib. The Sikh visitors don’t pay their homage at the tomb or the grave.

Now the question is why would someone open his grave? And if someone did open it and found a copy of a Quran, it is assumed that it must have been placed by the Muslims. It is just a made up story by some mischievous Muslims.

- Guru Nanak Dev was most probably a Muslim when he died; the evidence favours that conclusion. Anyway he did not try to replace Islam with a new religion; on the other hand, his utterances point to the fact that he certainly believed Islam to be the True Religion of God

This question can be answered in three different parts as it contains three different sections. Firstly, Guru Nanak Dev was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. He proclaimed:

I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim.My body and breath of life belong to Allah - to Raam - the God of both. (GGS, p1136)

He was a prophet of whole mankind. Due to his godly qualities he was loved and respected by everyone and left his followers everywhere he went. In his native village he was known as ‘Satguru Nanak Dev’, whereas in Baghdad his name is inscribed ‘Hazrat Rab-i-Majid, Baba Nanak Shah Fakir’. When he died he did not leave his body behind to prevent quarrel between his followers. It is upon the followers what they do with the sheet and the flowers; whether they buried it or cremate it. How can there be evidence at his death to prove him a Muslim?

Secondly, Guru Nanak Dev replaced Islam with a new religion as his philosophy differs with Islam in many ways, some of which are given hereunder:

He introduced Kirtan (singing praises of God) as the means of attuning the soul of man with God which is not done in Islam. The Guru started the prominent institutions Sangat and Pangat which attains no place in Islam. Guru Nanak Dev declared equal rights for women by encouraging them to take part in religious institutions and in preparing Langar but in Islam women are considered inferior to men; they are forbidden to worship at Mosque together with men. Muslim men are permitted to beat up women but women are given high status in Sikhism. Guru Nanak Dev emphasised the principles of fatherhood of God (unity of God). He declared, “God is beyond the religious divisions created by humankind. He is neither Hindu nor Muslim, we are all His children. God may be called by different names in various religions and religious sects but I worship the only One and eternal Lord”. In Islam God is described as someone who likes Muslims and considers Muslims His chosen people. Guru Nanak Dev proved that there are millions of heavens, hells, solar systems, galaxies, skies and earths in contrast to Muslim belief is restricted to seven layers of sky up and seven under worlds, making it fourteen in total. Guru Nanak Dev opposed the idea of pilgrimage as a religious act whereas in Islam visit to Mecca is compulsory for all Muslims. Guru Nanak Dev rejected the idea of observing fast whereas Islam teaches Muslims to fast during the special month of Ramadan. Thirdly, his utterances do not point the fact that Islam is the True Religion. If it was true Guru Nanak Dev would not have encouraged Muslims to implant five virtues instead of reading five Namaaz. The Guru said that it was hypocrisy to read five Namaaz, thus replace them with the five following virtues(GGS, p140-141):

to speak truth to earn honest living to beg God for other’s welfare to have good intentions to sing praises of God Guru Nanak Dev condemned the philosophy of Islam. Explaining the qualities of a true Muslim he said that a true Muslim is he (GGS, 141):

Who loves his religion and does not convince others to embrace it Who shares his earning with others (not only with Muslims) Who remains a true Muslim all his life (not belonging to a fanatical sect) Who is humble and accepts the Hukam (order) of God Who loves whole humanity as the children of One Creator These quotes are enough to prove that Guru Nanak Dev never accepted any practices of Islam and he never approved the teachings of Islam. According to his teachings, uttering the divine Naam and performing noble deeds is the ‘True Religion of God’.

- Sikhism is a sect of Islam

If someone says that Sikhism is a sect of Islam, he is an ignorant who has no knowledge of either of the religions.

If Sikhism was a sect of Islam:

Why was Guru Arjan Dev tortured to death? – He refused to embrace Islam. Why was Guru Teg Bahadur beheaded by Aurangzeb? – He tried to save conversion of Hindus to Islam and he did not embrace Islam as his religion. Why were younger Sahibzade bricked alive at the orders of Aurangzeb? – They refused to accept Islam as their religion.

Also might i add. That the Kaaba does not move. This is just a made up fairytale!

And many of the things stated in this article is 100% FALSE!

There are cracks in the foundation stones present till today. _________________________________________________________

Isn't this proof that Guru Nanak was a Muslim?

I mean ONLY Muslims are alowed in the city of Mecca!

So if Guru Nanak was NOT a muslim. Then how could he enter the city of Mecca?

So then how did Richard Burton get in? The Qur'an says none other than Muslims should be allowed in a Masjid, yet the Rasul had non-believers in his own at Madina. Maybe this is because Uthman (a later Khalif) saw that many were adding their own writing to the Qur'an, that he edited it into its final form leaving out some writing he considered spurious and possibly adding some not dictated by the Prophet? Hence the contradicting verses?

Guru Nanak was not the first non muslim to enter mecca, one british gentleman at one point infiltrated it, Guru Nanak is said to have gone on journey on request of Bhai Mardana to see the place, he entraced the people there and was stoned at one point for saying there are many worlds in contradiction to koran saying there are only 7 heavens. Guru Nanak took one man to see those worlds.


Clarification of edit: Hajjis carrying Koran under their arms

Hajjis do not typically carry a Koran under their arms.

Hajjis carrying the Koran under their arms

Interesting point! - I do not have any personal experience about this but - I wonder if in those days, 500 years ago, the Hajjis did carry the Koran with them so that they could recite it whenever required. Remember that they did not have huge public address (PA) system then. I will check more on this fact before we can really determine for sure -but I assume that you have checked this matter with someone who does have real experience of being a hajji. --Hari Singh 18:02, 2 July 2006 (Central Daylight Time)

The ihram (the two unsewn pieces of cloth) forces a pilgrim to abandon his personal, national and racial characteristics making all equal. However accommodations quickly put an end to this 'equality'. A 'black' African complained in the film a few years ago of how he was not allowed to sleep in anything but the tent assigned for Blacks as he had thought he would be allowed to mix with anyone.

The ihram is uncomfortable, especially since men are not allowed to wear underwear or use perfumed soap, the fear of exposing ones privates is a worry, (a practice probably begun to expose anyone not circumcised) who would have been killed most likely, in the past if not today. Richard Burton , not the actor had himself circumcised (very, very painful as an adult) to avoid being found out in this way-he also writes of how he darkened his skin. Muslims, Hindus and even Sikhs during the violent killing sprees of Partition used this as a sort of physical shibboleth to expose those who sought to disguise themselves. Because of the Turban Sikhs were readily identified.

Most carry a bag like the Hari Krishnas to keep their valuables and their Koran in, photos (al Jazeera did a daily report this last year) show many reading from the Qur'an during Hajj. Carrying the Qur'an under a sweaty armpit (the right shoulder is exposed) would be seen as disrespectful. Scholars think that the Imran has been in use since before the days of Mohamet, as there was a Hajj before the Rasul and as Hindu idols were also among those in the Ka'aba in those days the Hindu traders most likely participated in the mela at the time.



COMMON LOGICALLY HOW CAN THE WHOLE KABBA TURN? for me its fabricated... and ya if u have an answer than pls do reply back... most probably you guys are gonna delete my comment n e ways


By deleting the article you have violated rules of this Wiki and so you have been blocked from this site.

Obviously, you have not taken any time to learn about Guru Nanak. The Guru was fluent in many languages. Further he was travelling with Bhai Mardana who was a Muslim with knowledge of the language of the Koran and probably able to communicate with the natives.

When we travel to Mecca now, we can communicate there in many languages because people from many background are there; you don't need to speak in Arabic to get on. The situation was not totally different in the 1500's; people from many countries were there and able to help with translation if needed. Also, Farsi was commonly spoke in India and I am sure the Qazi would have understood Farsi which was the dominant language of Persia.

No Muslims of that time has raised any objections to the sakhi of this visit. The Sakhi was a famous one and well known; Bhai Mardana and other Muslim friends of the Sikhs agreed with the record, which dates back to the 1500s and 1600s - Just like the sakhi of Panja Sahib. You would probably say that even that also did not happen!!! And what about Namdev and the temple in South India; did that not turn? see Bhagat Namdev at the Temple.

How can the holy Kabba turn? Explain to me how a human being (Guru Nanak) stop a rock weighing many tons with one hand, then I will explain how the holy Kabba can turn.

And finally you are wrong again about us deleting your post. It is here with a reply. Regards, Hari Singhtalk 23:42, 13 October 2009 (UTC)

Well waana add

Guru did dress up like a Muslim but in book were not the kuranic verses but allagedly Gurbani. Some are in Guru Granth Sahib ji but some like Nasihat Nammah is not in there. (How does anyone know how Guru Nanak dressed in Makkah - did he ever describe the ihram?

Certainly Surah 10:4 (a favorite surah of the Mughals) which says to treat unbelievers (anyone not a Muslim) to a bath in boiling water, a favorite torture used on several Historic Sikhs, is unique to the Quran.


This is considered a title of honor similar to "Huzuria", a suffix one who has been granted the citizenship of Sri Hazur Sahib may add to his or her name - I agree with Kaur-1 - 'Huzuria' is an unknown title; I am not even sure it exists. It seem unnecessary when we are talking about Mecca! It appears like "one-upmanship" which is not required here nor does it make the concept any easier to understand. Well spotted Kaur-1! Hari Singhtalk 22:59, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

WH Mcleod

- As per WH McLeod and his research in last 50 years - Baba Nanak never traveled to Baghdad. The stories around *Kaaba moving* are symbolic of Nanak's greatness and meant to illustrate a point. Nanak and later Gurus have tried to take good things from both Islam and Hinduism and added their own dimensions to it. Eventually Sikhs have evolved into a new community as a result of their own history. Anmol73 (talk · contribs)

Sikhi - a mixture?

Many thanks Anmol73 for your comments. It is difficult to confirm or deny these events from history; you can do lots of research but you will not find data from a few hundred years ago; record of our travels disappears as soon as we have left the Earth; who will be able to find our itinerary after a few hundreds of years? During Nanak's days, record keeping was much poorer and Nanak did not mingle with the rich and mighty; he went to the poor and downtrodden to give them a lift in life.

If we did not have the "panja" (hand print) of Guru Nanak at Panja Sahib, we would have the same argument about the viability of a human being stopping such a heavy rock which had travelled down a steep slope at a rapid pace; scientist will tell you that the momentum will be so great that it would be like a fast moving train engine rolling downwards; impossible to stop with a human hand - however, the evidence is there if you wish to believe it; if not, it does not really matter!

So, we are faced with many such possibilities and science is at variance with the facts; so what do we do? Well, this is where one has to make ones own decision; if you have faith you will take a different route to solve this mystery while if you are a scientist you will have your own interpretation of these events - you will probably discount them!

If I said to you that a person could hit a golf ball over 445 yards into a hole that they could not see with their naked eyes! A distance so far that you cannot actually see the target. You would probably call me a liar; or if you are a "polite type", you would not call me a liar but you would not believe it! Well it has happened see this url. So science faces these challenges all the time. Life is not an exact science! as Nanak says there is chance in our lives; if there is Nader, then things will happen otherwise they will not.

Sikhi a mixture? There are many things in Sikhi (S) which cannot be found in Islam (I) or Hinduism (H)- so how can we say it is a mixture? Both H & I discriminate against women; S does not; Both say rituals will get you to heaven - S say no; only remembering God plus good deeds and actions will get you there; I say God is in the west (kaaba sherif) while H says it is in the East, towards the Sun, S says He is everywhere and within the self. Just a few examples; to me S is more new stuff then a mixture! Regards, rabb rakha, Hari Singhtalk 12:26, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

Many things found in both Islam and Hinduism

- And there are many things that can be found in both Islam and Hinduism that Sikhs have acquired. Such as concept of one god from Islam. Above comment wasn't meant to say that sikhi is a mixture of H & I. And not at all discounting a number of other concepts that were very original in Sikhi. Second, concerning Nanak's visit to Mecca, History is about things one can verify directly or indirectly as a historical fact. One can believe in anything one desires and that's fine as well as a belief. Anmol73 (talk · contribs)

Varan Bhai Gurdas

Hi Anmol73, Sat Sri Akal

Thanks for the response; I agree there is a lot common among all the major faith systems and this is a huge subject.

On the other point about history, I was just checking Bhai Gurdas' writing and I found this Var which may help to convince a few that this "story" a little more than just a tale; hopefully it comes a bit more nearer "history" as Bhai Gurdas writes this during the time of Guru Arjan in approximately 1575-1625. I am sure there will be other records in old Sikh literature regarding this event especially in Guru Nanak Janamsakhis; but unfortunately there appears to by "politic" creeping into these Janamsakhis. However where they all agree with each other, we can rely on those sections!

Vaar 1 Pauri 32 At Mecca

ਬਾਬਾ ਫਿਰਿ ਮੱਕੇ ਗਇਆ ਨੀਲ ਬਸਤ੝ਰ ਧਾਰੇ ਬਨਵਾਰੀ । ਆਸਾ ਹਥਿ ਕਿਤਾਬ ਕਛਿ ਕੂਜਾ ਬਾਂਗ ਮ੝ਸੱਲਾ ਧਾਰੀ ।
ਬੈਠਾ ਜਾਇ ਮਸੀਤ ਵਿਚਿ ਜਿਥੈ ਹਾਜੀ ਹਜਿ ਗ੝ਜਾਰੀ । ਜਾ ਬਾਬਾ ਸ੝ਤਾ ਰਾਤਿ ਨੋ ਵਲਿ ਮਹਰਾਬੇ ਪਾਇ ਪਸਾਰੀ ।
ਜੀਵਣਿ ਮਾਰੀ ਲਤਿ ਦੀ ਕੇਹੜਾ ਸ੝ਤਾ ਕ੝ਫਰ ਕ੝ਫਾਰੀ । ਲਤਾ ਵਲਿ ਖ੝ਦਾਇ ਦੇ ਕਿਉ ਕਰਿ ਪਇਆ ਹੋਇ ਬਜਿਗਾਰੀ ।
ਟੰਗੋਂ ਪਕੜਿ ਘਸੀਟਿਆ ਫਿਰਿਆ ਮੱਕਾ ਕਲਾ ਦਿਖਾਰੀ ।
ਹੋਇ ਹੈਰਾਨ੝ ਕਰੇਨਿ ਜ੝ਹਾਰੀ ॥੩੨॥

baabaa dhiri makay gaiaa neel basatr dhaaray banavaaree
aasaa hadi kitaab kachhi koojaa baang musalaa dhaaree
baitdaa jaai maseet vichi jidai haajee haji gujaaree
jaa baabaa sutaa raati no vali maharaabay paai pasaaree
jeevani maaree'ati dee kayharhaa sutaa kudhar kudhaaree
lataa vali khudaai day kiu kari paiaa hoi bajigaaree
tangon pakarhi ghaseetiaa dhiriaa makaa kalaa dikhaaree
hoi hairaanu karayni juhaaree ॥32॥

Donning blue attire then Baba Nanak went to Mecca.
He held staff in his hand, pressed a book under his armpit, caught hold of a metal pot and mattress.
Now he sat in a mosque where the pilgrms (hajis) had gathered.
When Baba (Nanak) slept in the night spreading his legs towards the alcove of mosque at Kaba,
the qazi named Jivan kicked him and asked who was this infidel enacting blasphemy.
Why this sinner is sleeping his legs spread towards God, Khuda.
Catching hold of the legs he lynched (Baba Nanak) and lo and behold the miracle, the whole of Mecca seemed to be revolving.
All got surprised and they all bowed.

The 'Discussion with the Qazi' is the next Pauri 33 - Check out the the other varan here. Hope this helps a little. Regards and Rabb Rakha, Hari Singhtalk 03:23, 20 April 2010 (UTC)

Apes and Swine

This is a common misconception that is used again and again in objection to Islam. First of all, Sikhism is a respectable religion that even today faces opposition and there are conspiracies against it. As far as what Urangzeb did to the gurus from the "line of nine"(and tenth), he was sick enough to have killed his own brothers, so let's put that aside as a psychopathic king who was scared of the guru's influence in punjab.

The verse in 2:56 in the Quran is about the division of Judea and Israel. During the time of Prophet Habakkuk, the Jews divided into two types, one that had agreed on selling things and doing business on Saturdays and the other that feared the wrath of God and abstained from testing change. So, they built a wall between the two sides, and when everything went quiet in Israel, the Jude-ans checked to see what the matter was and they found only apes and pigs on their side of the city. All the people had vanished. Therefore, the Hebrews that remained are called Jude-ans, or Jews, and not Israelis (until the new nation state named after the lost nation or Jacob's nickname).

I don't want to freely edit this like Wikipedia because I'm not a Sikh and I don't feel the liberty to do that. But those of you who are educated and aren't afraid of your Sikh identity, please make the changes. Also, it is true, not a single idol remains in the Kaaba today, but the presence of "Dhur Sahib" is within its walls and it's only a matter of time when our descendants may understand each other and accept our differences.