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SGGs in other languages

Some of us have now come to believe that the guru granth sahib ji, or the guru's message should not be recited or installed as the main guru in gurdwara or in a pesons house. We seem to have a bad case of language superiority in the sikhi community. We speak just about everything in punjabi/gurmakhi, and people think it's the only way to talk to god. You can't blame peopel for it, after 400 years of breeding, talking, and being living with a certain set of standards, it's hard to see other peoples needs and persepctives. As a result, we have set up barriers to our own guru and on top of that, force people to give up their own langauges.

One should enter sikhi and never feel pressured to learn punjabi culture, language, or values. Accept people for who they are.

Back on to the SGGS, the english guru granth sahib ji is just as important and relavant as the gurmakhi version. Really, god's power and will can never be fully put into man made scripts (gurmakhi does use other languages and scripts), but the gurus tried their best and made the most beautiful work of all.

Yet, the message is the real concern. Translations are still the guru ji message and it will never change. That is provided people dont on purpose change the meaning.

The point - whether you prefer gurmakhi, english, chinese, spanish... it's not the script that counts... it's the underlying message!

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....The Gurū Granth Sĝhib refers to the final version of the scripture created by Gobind Singh.....User:Mutia30 Dec 06