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It is important to note that in Sikhi God has no given name-..given Name "he has none but countless names" as our Gurus have taught us. The reason for me highlighting this point is that in some shabads Guru Ji refers to God by names such as Shiva (Deh Shiva Var Mohe....) Thats not to say he is asking any goddess or god for help or courage. He is referring to the one and only God and in this context he uses the name Shiva.

GS Dhillon

Adding in blatant opinions in articles

One of the wonderful facets of the Sikh religion is that it doesn't do your thinking for you. You do your own thinking, it presents what it is and does not necessarily indoctrinate you.

All of the personal opinions expressed in the 'article' deem it less reliable and hurt its integrity. Our Guru Gobind Singh's life, sacrifices, words, and actions speak for themselves. Please stop impressing your own personal opinions on the page. We have more respect for our readers, than just that, right? Just tell it how it is - people can decide for themselves how to absorb the information.

Thank you.

Names of GOD

  • 1 Two Types :-
(a) True/Master/Original/Official/Formal/Theological.....>>TRUTH(given name).
(b) Artifical............................................................................Countless.

Mool Mantar...................... ..a perception

Amita Singh 16 Jan 06

"Paintings" of Guru Ji

I just wanted to express my displeasure of the "painting" of Guru Ji on the page. I would like to point out that during the time of the guru's no paintings were allowed and were, in fact, through numerous hukamnama's EXPRESSSLY FORBIDDEN. One of the main parts of the Guru's message was to get us away from worshiping idol's. The "painting" in question is the representation of a mental image that an artist has in his mind, and can in fact, contradict history. Most of the "paintings" of Guru Nank during his udasis how an old man with beads in his hand. This is horribly inaccurate, because Guru Nanak was relatively young during his udasis(31 during his first in 1500 and 51 yrs at the end of his second in 1524). I realize that age had no relivance to the Guru's as they were so in touch with waheguru, however I am just trying to prove a point. That putting up false "painting's", only dectracts from the message of the Guru's, as most people will begin worshiping the paintings and not following the message the guru's died and sacrificed so much trying to give us.

Randeep Singh 19:24, 12 July 2007 (EDT)

Guru Gobind Singh's Precious words

1.We stand under the protection of steel,we stand under the protection of timeless.

2.Work with your hands and feet and keep your mind attached to God.

3.God is everything and everything is God.

4.No devotion is better Than hard and honest labour with God in mind.

5.Remembering of God does not interfare with one's working hard for earning one's livelihood one has to so develop his habit and cultivate his mind that one feels the presence of God in aj the thìngs,persons and places of the world and goes in performing physical acts uninterruptedly.

  1. Only he can realise the path of truth who eats bread as as a result of hard labour and also who gives out of hìs earnings something to charity.

Er.Sarbjeet Singh

user: sarbjeet_1313me