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Catagory vs Article Names

1...The title of the article does not seem to be in harmony with the catagory titled 'Art & Artists'.

Amita Singh 24 Oct 05

I agree!

Amita Singh Ji, WKWF

2...I agree with you - any suggestions?

--Hari Singh 19:28, 24 October 2005 (Central Daylight Time)


Maan Yog Hari Singh Ji,


3...I wonder if we can merge Gurmukhi & Gurmukhi Alphabet into one. A catag titled 'lingiustics', if not already existing, may be able to accomodate themes spreading over a set of languages linked with SGGS.

4...Details of comparative pros & cons of keeping the two headings 'Art' & 'Artists' as two independent catagories vs their being together as they are now, may be worth going into .


-Amita Singh 9:55 pm 25 Oct 05

Your suggestion

Dear respected Amita Singh Ji, WKWF

5. I think merging the two articles is a good idea - Could you please do that whenever you can. I believe in simple categories and I prefer "Language" instead of "linguistic" – as its more simpler and also the spelling is easier. What do you think?

6. These articles need to be hyperlinked to other articles in the database so that full benefit of technology is obtained by the readers. Also we need to have short paragraphs with 2 line separation.

7. I think it would make sense to have just "Arts" as a category because we only have 9 articles with "Art & Artists". This is probably left until a later date to see how things develop with this section.

Many thanks for your valuable and constructive comments. --Hari Singh 19:26, 25 October 2005 (Central Daylight Time)