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gavy koE 3ax jy hovy kisy vic jan! Any One there to dare you odes to the power of Lord TRUTH. Just join in. (3rd Step of Sikhi)

  • 1. This is Just for a bit of fun and for the heck of arriving at the Truth of God. In this IT era, taking advantage of the net hat-tricks, entire world has gone hyper, to competetively hype God by philosophising the simple & straight messages highlighted (& not hidden ) by all Nanaks who compiled a language called Satgurbani. ( more so for this,) Out of the entire humanity, Sikhs stand out as N0-1 to this 'True profile' of theirs. they always did, had been , are here now at this moment & will ever.

2. Subject matter written in a language can be translated, but Language itself can not be. In the above example i have not translated the TRUTH(no way hidden, as manmukhs would love to believe, but highlighted by Lord TRUTH accross 1430 pages ) but simply expressed the sentiments conveyed by Nanak in his Master peice work (called ikk scc liKareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(2nd Nanak's) 2a scca nau alias 'Japuji Sahib' and 'not alias japu(Japu is the Path 38 Steps of the 'writer of Truths'(Nanak 1 through 10 & sikhs there after Sikhs). Text prior to japu is the profile (called Khalsa) of all Nanaks/'his Sikhs' for times to come, in Punjabe language, which people who inherited punjabi as their 'State Tounge' (& not Mother Tounge'. Mother tounge of a True Sikh is Bani) understand well.

That is the beauty of Nanak's writings, they are too hot for chicken hearted, who would rather analyse Baxe with through other lower languges & philosophise it the hall mark of 'Bipran ke reet', rather than walk the way of Nanak. Let it be, Nanak vigsyy byprvah.

Today's living Nanaks & Nanak alias Lord Truth ( Nanak never liked calling TRUTH by hir fake name 'God' as all mamukhs love to). All fake names of Lord Truth used by writers of 1430 pages reflect culture of that time & not the spitit & message of the Satigur Poora (and not half TRUTH). Manmukhs love Duality (Half TRUTTHs). Let it be clealy understood by us Sikhs that terms Ram, Raheem, Govind, Khuda, etc spread accross 1430 pages are False Names of One 'Lors TRUTH' used by gurus to meet the Socio politicall expectations, poetic styles, music maching needs & genral psychy of the masses of that time. We True Sikhs have to believe in not Nanak but TRUTHs gifted to us by all Nanaks( read Gurus Bhaktas & Sikhs & unknown Truthfull human beings, all covered under One genric Bani Name 'Khalsa' or Idols Of Truth.

It is a never ending relay race of handing over the True Name ('kr3a purKu' in nanak's words & 'Khalsa' in Kabir Sahib to 10th Nanaks' words, duly approved by all the contributors who contributed to formulation of the mother tounge language of Khalsa, called 'Language of TRUE IDEAs') since Nanak handed over his library (scee tksaal) of written work to 2nd Nanak.

Since then team of Five Khalsa(Truthfull human beings) had been approving the self baptisation of incoming Sikhs as True Sikhs. In Khalsa way of things A human being has to earn his Sikhi by assuring the sadh sangat in an open fourm that SHe had climbed & crossed four steps of Sikhi by religiously & rigidly achieving the habit of being Truthful to Lord TRUTH's Order to daily sleep & rise early to become healthy, wealthy & wise.

3. Spirit of entite 1430 pages running into 6000 plus Shbds is one Character '1'. How can one translate SatGurbani Language. Read any Shabad, it means nothing but 'TRUTH'. Khalsa cultural protocol of Daily Hukmnama proves the point. No shabad is different from another.

We Sikhs however Take Pride that Khalsa came into being when 10th Nanak decided that way. As if ome how it never occured to earlier Gurus. As if unlike Guru Govind Singh Guru Nanak generally kept his eyes closed for Simeran with brahamnic Mala in his hand. Not to mention about the brahamanic objects which are freely reflected in imaginary graphics expected to give us the True persone of our leaders. It is just unfortunate that our childeren expect us to Translate TRUTH to let it mean FALSE. We happily oblige & feel proud of being Sikh.s

4. To summ up Bani cannot repeat not be translated. Professor Sahib Singhji has not translated Bani in his Masterpeice work Darpan. He has gifted Truths to those who care. Darpan (said to be best Translation of Bani) is not a translation. It is reflection of Thy virtues which Lord TRUTH bestowed upon him. It is 'scce tksaal' which Sahib Singh je, True to Nanak's 38th order & aura of Sikhi handed over to us. What we Sikhs are handing over to the Panth, is not a debatable issue. Let us do better rather than philosophysing Bani. Biperans were, had been, are here at this instant do it much better let them do their job & let us Sikhs care for nothing but Bani. Let us Sikhs put in our every thing to Naam, Daan & isnaan.

Nanak's God ( if i do get forced to call 'Lord TRUTH' by hir Fake name. However as long as the message goes it suits me nay! my boss) is his Sikh peice of raw material for feeding to his factory called 'Sach Khand' & churn out final product called 'Khalsa'. Like only an existing account holder in a bank can identify a new incoming customer to Truthfull Human

True name of 1430 pages, & that of What we call Japuji Sahib, is 'ikk o.gkar s3inam'.

True name of what we call Guru Granth Sahib is 'SatiGurBani' in Short 'Satigur' in day today conversation & long writings simply 'Bani'

A Truth Crafter's True Name

in 1430 pages the subject matter is one character 1 (Truth)

This panth ka kookar has let us share minds.

The above sentence is translated version of Gurbani language written in Punjabi using gur2i33e (Gurditti) script. It is the spirit of 3rd step of Sikhi. Which expects a True Sikh to challange nonsense.

Q: Out of the following two statements Which one is True.

  • 1. God's True name is Truth.
  • 2. Truth's True Name is God or more appropriately worded -- Truth is Thy True name (&not God)

Participants may please cast their votes under following headings by writing their views

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None is True

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