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  • 'DEWALI' is not a Gurmat/Sikh Social/Cultural term/festival. It has sweet nothing to do with any of the Gurpurabs & need to be best left to remain part of FALSEHOOD .Sikhs as part of KHALSA spend every moment of their life in SACH KHAND where TRUTH god, SATGUR & KHALSA lived, are living & will live beyond eternity.
  • Mythical & Brahamanic culture/terms/celebrations of FALSEHOOD are best left to FALSEHOOD to glorify it. We the KHALSA have better things to do. To begin with let us Sikhs 'DISCARD FALSEHOOD & WALK the WAY of THY WILL by honoring COMMANDMENTS of 'TRUTH god'.

User:Mutia 20 Oct 06

# Bhau Dua Kutha.....--SATGUR

Dewali Celebrations vs GURMAT: Let us Sikhs discuss

ISSUE:............ 'DEWALI' is NOT a GURMAT Festival

Whether the above statement is.....

....TRUE or FALSE ???????

# Bahuta nahin Bolna .....--SATGUR

participants may please keep the text of their arguments as berief as may be possible.

Post Arguments for 'TRUE'(SACH KHAND) Here

  • Pollution is a universal problem.
  • Dewali Celebrations contributes to Pollution
  • Sikhs worship 'ONE TRUTH god ETERNAL who lived, is living this instant and will live beyond eternity in SACH KHAND)
  • Dewali is a Vedic Festival.
  • Vedas Support Mythology.
  • GURMAT rejects Mythology.
  • Nanak rejected Vedic False retuals.
  • Any thought not fitting in the frame of Sikh Theology is FALSE


Post Arguments for 'FALSE'(FALSEHOOD) Here

  • ???

Look forward to contributions from Sikhs of KHALSA NATIONUser:Mutia 21 Oct 06