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Lucky ji, There are many tales of the time, warning monks and religious men to have nothing to do with women.

The tale seems to imply that she had the magical ability to change herself into a man. The story however then continues to refer to her as a woman. How does the Granth handle this?

I have never read of any ancient female yogis running around enticing men and kings. confused Allenwalla 02:41, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

Please revert if I have missed the point here.

'Reply Allenwalla Prostitute Ladhiya attired as Yogi(Man) and then go to king, and said king to arrive his place. She remained in Man attired and ask king that she will convert herself to woman and then he have to do intercourse then again she will evert back to man. i.e not Magic. It's way to have sex. and no where magic comes in charitar may be that english translation fal;se. As Pritpal Bindra done so lathargic translation of charitropakhyan, i have ever seen. Moreover this guy is against charitropakhya.

This is a Story, we have to learn from story the messages it has given is already given, if you could extract more then it's your wish. But remember Story have moral like Rabvbit and tortoise (Slow and steady wins the race) sly......sly this charitar say not to have intercourse with other lady without marriage as it is against Dharma and stay away from prostitutes......if you will try to find history, civics, geography of charitar then you would get nothing out of it.

i have to go somewhere so i typed fast fast, any mistake sorry. Take care (Lucky 09:04, 25 April 2010 (UTC))