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Try as i might and i have-i can't make sense of this sentence.

That would bring to the all his sins and make him cry in order to commence his lift of penance to wash off the past ill deeds.

please help--

  • did the sinner cry as penance commenced
  • did Baba cry as he absorbed or absolved someone's sins
  • bring to the all?

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sat Sri Akal Hari Singh ji

If you are back home please correct the web pages

Sant Baba Ishar Singh moved to Baba Isher Singh (Rara sahib) - is this correct?

No, This Ishar Singh is Kalerawale of Nanaksar and not Rara sahib.Italic text 

Sant Isher Singh Ji This is Rara sahib wale Italic text

Sant Isher Singh's teachings This is also by Rara sahib.Italic text

Kind regards, Ratinder Singh Tind