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Sikh is born: Odes to birth of a Sikh

gaviYyy suniYyy mn rkhiYyy bhau'

"...The Asa Di War kirtan is recited in the early morning hours in a very melodious way and style as mentioned by Guru Arjan Dev Ji called "Tunde Asraje Ki Dhuni....."

Sikh Names Hirself: New born gets a Name, Khalsa.(Sachiaara)

Sikh's First Name

  • An eternal being's True Name , who was, had been with hir mother, is here now at this moment & will ever remain, is Creative Khalsa.

Sikh's Middle Name

  • xyz.

Sikh's Cast

  • Singh

Sikh's Profile

Khalsa. xyz Singh was, is & will ever be fearless friend of even enemies. Was, is & will ever bear a never changing Lion's profile to be identified as Idol of Lord Truth. SHe hirself did, is & will structure this profile through hir lifelong walk on this path leading to Lord Truth's Home through the grace of Satgurbani.

1. Sikh's Path: to Lord Truth

Step 1 through 38

2. Sikh Reaches There: Lord Truth's Home

So dr through so ghr

3. Sikh offers hir Head to Bani's roop Khalsa

So Purkhu

4. Sikh's First Date with Khalsa

Anand bhEiAa myrii maEy stguru myy paEiAa.....

5. Sikh gets Married: Two become One in one Home.

jyy ghr kiirt AakhiYyy krty ka hoy viicharo

Sikh Dies(sleeps): Mr Truth joins Lord Truth & become ....

....An Eternal (Lord) Truth. 10th Nank daily signs off formal death certificate of the Sikh throgh Shaloks of 9th Nank.

  • parvan pradhan...'
    • First Team of Five Nanks the piirii Khalsa wrote down the blue print of Khalsa(their own) in the Universal Language called Sat(True)Gur(Ideas)Bani(Language)
    • Miiri Khalsa of Five Nanaks flawlessly obeyed the Hukm written therein.
    • Further Miirii Piirii Khalsa sustained Khalsa.
    • We Sikhs stand ordained to walk on the only path documented & flawlessly demonstrated by 'Nirakar Lord Truth' through 'Sakar Mr Truths' i.e. Miirii Piiri Khalsa in universal Khalsa Nation(Universe)
    • We Sikhs will ever believe in nothing but hard facts of Life. Only & only One salogan Sikhi proffessed, is professing & will ever profess is

vah!! vah!! (Sat)Gur(u)(Bani) ka(hyy) Khalsa, vah!! Gur(u) kii ftyh

A SIKH IS BORN TO DIE & DEATH(of egoistic Mind & tired Body) IS HIS DAILY ROUTINE(Nitnym)'.

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