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SriGranth and SriDasam are online websites connected with the two main Sikh Scriptures. SriGranth is a Sri Guru Granth Sahib resource while the SriDasam relates to the Dasam Granth. The sites offer the original text of the relevant Sikh scripture in original Gurmukhi form, Roman notation of the original text and translation into English and other languages.

It allows a non-reader of Gurmukhi to read and understand the Sikh scriptures. The sites have been revised many times and now offer a simple and user-friendly interface to search, read and understand this important compositions by the Sikh Gurus and others. Most Sikh principles and concepts can be learnt and understood from the text at these and other similar websites.

Many people have contributed to this project, and below we acknowledge all of them.

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Dr. Kulbir Thind Sri Granth was created with text taken from the Gurbani-CD created by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind. He prepared the raw data and provided numerous resource materials used on Sri Granth. Specifically, he created Gurmukhi & Devanagari fonts and completed the formatting of the Gurmukhi text. He also converted the text into many different formats for use by scholars, including conversion into Devanagari. Further, he did the phonetic transliteration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib into English characters and symbols and added some structural integrity to the scripture as a whole. Another useful contribution is the arrangement of text into a sentence by sentence format including text with English translation and phonetic transliteration. Needless to mention, it has taken him many years and a sincere sense of commitment and expertise to accomplish all of this.

Jaswant Singh & Jagjit Singh Kerwal Much of the Gurmukhi text of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib was typewritten by Jaswant Singh and Jagjit Singh Kerwal. Many other individuals contributed to the correction of the text and thus in the making of the final product.

Sardar Sant Singh Khalsa The English translation of the scriptures was undertaken by Mr. Sant Singh Khalsa of Arizona. His translation, widely and freely available on the Internet, has become the standard used by scholars, theological organizations, and various other individuals throughout the globe. His years of hard work and proficient literary ability cannot be underestimated, as he has done wonders in providing more people access to the scriptures.

Sardar Bhai Baljinder Singh Data of Mahan Kosh, the Encyclopedia by Kahan Singh Nabha is provided by Bhai Baljinder Singh (Rara Sahib), 16914 Lassen Street, Northridge, CA 91343, USA. Bhai Baljinder Singh ji (Rara Sahib Wale) preaches the teachings of Sikhism all over the world, as expounded by Sant Isher Singh ji. He has been working for a number of years to make the important Sikhism literature resources available for use on the computer. He has thus been responsible for getting important Gurbani texts typed into the computer, the ones that were not already done. He has been instrumental in creating Gurbani Search Software named Isher Micromedia Software. This search tool can search text of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Vaars/Kabits Bhai Gurdas ji in a hurry. Besides this, he has provided the basic and detailed source material about Gurbani, Sikhism & Sikh History. This is being offered free of cost as a humble service to the Sikh Community worldwide.

Sardar Harjinder Singh Gill The Gurbani English dictionary data is administered and provided by Harjinder Singh Gill, Santa Monica, CA, USA.

Dr. Gurcharan Singh The Gurbani Punjabi Dictionary is a combined work of Dr. Kulbir S Thind, MD and Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Ph.D. Retired Prof. Punjabi University, Patiala, India.

Jasjeet Singh Thind Jasjeet conceptualized and created the Sri Granth website. He also created Punjab Online, a resource for Punjabi culture, and Sri Dasam, a search engine for the Dasam Granth.