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Please give your input on what higher level categories you think we should have. This is what would show up on the home page and allow users to browse through without knowing something specific.

Here are some category ideas to start from. --Sikhiwiki 20 Nov 06

Hearty Thanks SikhiWiki for guiding this poor non entity

  • Sub Pages Can a 'Sub Page' or May be 'Sub-Sub Page' be created by the users in link to this page for keying in the lower level thoughts which keep bothering the Users' mind. Kindly guide...--User:Mutia 20 Nov 06

SatGurBani is Beyond Time

Having any categories beyond Five Khands is not considered to be in line with the spirit,santity & reverence which TRUE Sikh.s hold for SatGurbani

  • As an iota bit of tribute to SatGurBani & to gaurd against Anti-Sikh Forces moulding the social profile of the presentations as per the ease & flexibility of their own subjective thoughts (and not as ,,per the Tough, Objective & Rational Commandments of Gurbani, it is strongly recommended that Sikhi must have only 5 Khands (categories) envisioned & pesued by Sikh generations till date.
  • This way SikhiWiki is foreseen to become a standard / template for other Web Sites to follw. That is What I think Sikhism is all about. Integrating every thing, whatever may come by, into One.--Mutia 05:51, 17 July 2007 (EDT)