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Sewadars preparing drink of kacchi lassi

On June 16 every year, Sikhs worldwide celebrate - yeah, Celebrate! - the great sacrifice of Guru Arjan, their fifth Guru.

In 1601, after completing the construction of the beautiful Harimandir Sahib and then the successful compilation of the voluminous sacred Sikh Scripture called the Adi Granth in 1604, the Guru embarked on teaching the Sikhs his ultimate lesson.

In 1606, the Guru, by example, showed the Sikhs the way and the manner in which to die in the name and in the Hukam (will) of God. Guru ji was the first Sikh martyr ever and by this event, the Guru set a precedence and an example for the people of the world.

He demonstrated how one should lay down one's life without fear, with dignity, honour and how not to be intimidated by thugs and terrorists. ....More