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The Battle of Amritsar took places between Guru Hargobind and the Mughal forces and was fought on 5 June 1628 (22 of Jeth, in Bikrami 1685). This was the first battle fought by the Sikhs.

Mughal Emperor, Jahangir had died in 1627 with his son Shah Jahan becoming his successor. Adding to Shah Jahan's worries over the increasing influence and power of the Sikhs, those who harboured ill-will against the Sikhs renewed their conspiracies and incited him to turn against Guru Ji.

The battle started due to a minor event that took place in the jungle about 5 miles to the south of Amritsar. It all began with the capture of a rare white Baz (hawk) which had been a gift to Shah Jahan from the Shah (Emperor) of Persia. The hawk was at the time one of the royal symbols of authority.

Shah Jahan and some of his companions were hunting in the territory around Gumtala village near Amritsar at the same time as some of the Guru's Sikhs. .....More