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Dances of Punjab

Folk dancer in his colourful costume

Punjab is a very rich state in terms of the types and number of folk dances that can be found here. It has many different varieties of folk dances, among which the most famous and popular are Bhangra and Giddha. These days, not to miss out of a good thing, many non-Punjabis are also getting into the spirit and fun of Punjab's folk dance, as you occasionally see a European, African or Chinese face in various Bhangra competitions. These non-Punjabis have simply made Punjabi dance a part of their own local culture.

The exuberance and vitality of the people of Punjab are vigorously displayed in their folk dances. The moves are full of expression, gestures, vocal remarks, subtleties of motion and uninhibited freedom – it is a dance from the heart! With the drum beat or to the tune of some other instrument of folk music, the energetic feet of the people of Punjab are spontaneously set to give in to inhibition and give instant birth to a folk dance - an expression of the triumphant soul; an outburst of emotions; a sudden release of energy. The dances of Punjab are the clear depiction of the energy and enthusiasm of the lively youth of Punjab. Punjab's folk dances are replete with foreign influences. It is only in Punjab where there is no common dance for men and women. ...Continued
(Main contributor to this series: Harpreet Singh, Mohali, Punjab)