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The Sikh Guru tells us very clearly that speaking lies is wrong and will lead the person away from God; he or she will not find peace or solace and the result will only be continuous misery and sadness.

The motivation of telling lies is greed; the person speaking lies has some gain at the back of their mind; it may just be done for a laugh but whatever the motivation, the Guru says that greed is the spark that leads one to lie.

The Guru says, "What can anyone do, with greed within? O Siblings of Destiny, by telling lies, they eat poison.(4)" (SGGS p 635) The greed within results in the person succumbing to the temptation to lie and satisfy this inner need.

The Guru compares the telling of lies to the "...eating of poison". This is repeated many times. On page 948 of the holy Granth, the Guru tells us "Speaking lies, one eats poison; the self-willed manmukh departs, crying out in pain" (SGGS p 948). Again "speaking lies one eats poison" is repeated. .....More