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The content of the article where this warning message is displayed is disputed

The facts in this article are strongly disputed. It is alleged that the person or sect refered to in this article are not true followers of Sikhism.

Please do not change this article but add your comments with the source (if possible) for any facts that you rely on, on the discussion page. After discussion has taken place on the issue or topic for a week (or other such length of time), the article will be updated by a moderator on a regular basis.

  • Word "Guru" only to used for 11 Gurus: It should be remembered that Sikhs only have 11 Gurus - 10 Gurus who were in "human" form and Sri Guru Granth Sahib. No other human personality should be referred to as a Sikh Guru.
  • No anti-Gurmat will be supported: Only Gurmat principles should be supported by the articles. Manmat will not be supported. Please support your views with quotes from Gurbani or other respected sources.

If you believe that an article is anti-Sikh or anti-Sikhi, please put a message giving full details to support your reasons on the discussion page with the line "This article is anti-Sikh" in the "Edit Summary" box.